The Top 7 Most Popular Fleet Tracking Apps for Mobile Devices

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mobileFleet tracking mobile apps are simply a blessing for those who may not have ready access to a computer while they are trying to keep track of their fleet, vehicles and drivers.  A fleet tracking mobile app can keep you on top of everything that’s on the road or in the field, no matter where you are. But what are the most popular fleet tracking apps out there?

1. FleetMatics Mobile

If you have a FleetMatics GPS fleet tracking account, you might want to install this one.  The Fleetmatics Mobile app gives you all the important information about your fleet no matter what time it is and no matter where you are.  You can also choose to get alerts and investigate happenings, accidents and incidents with Route Replay.  What’s more, you can look for the nearest technician and send a problematic unit there whenever there is an emergency or breakdown.

The mobile app includes several features of the Fleetmatics Web interface: dashboard, live fleet, alerts, reports and others. You can also find the nearest available vehicles if you need to dispatch one. The app also includes the speed limit posted for the area that you are tracking.

The app is available on Android and iOS.  It has gathered at least 10,000 installs on Android.  Get the Android version here.

Meanwhile, the iOS version comes in five different languages: English, Dutch, German, Spanish and French.  Get the iOS version here.

2. Contigo GPS Fleet Tracker

The Contigo GPS Fleet Tracker allows you to use your phone to manage your fleet.  You can track your trucks and vans in real time, and you can even choose which vehicles or group of vehicles to show or hide.

You can also choose to see all of your vehicles on a single map.  On the other end of the spectrum, you can zoom in on any vehicle to see its idle time, stop time and running speed. This app is available to Android phone users and has had at least 1,000 installs.  Download it here.

3. MyCarTracks

MyCarTracks makes it simple and affordable for you to have your own fleet tracking solution for your fleet.  It enables you to track your employees, vehicles and drivers, as well as the trips they make. This simple mobile app has chalked up more than 80,000 downloads and currently has thousands of active users.

MyCarTracks also has an Auto Start feature that helps you save your battery.  You just start the app and forget about it while it records your tracks for the whole day.

There is no need for you to install a separate GPS unit to your vehicles; you can just use your Android smartphone as a replacement. You can get great reports and see your fleet’s location on a map.  All of your data are saved on the cloud. This app also enables you to watch your fleet run in real time, allowing you to dispatch the nearest truck or vehicle to the client in no time.

The mobile app is free to use, and you can get up to 2 weeks of data history for up to three vehicles and 5 monthly reports without having to pay anything.  There are paid packages that allow you to have unlimited data history storage, to have an unlimited number of vehicles, to have an unlimited number of reports, and API access for only $7 per vehicle per month.

Download the mobile app here.

4. TSO Fleet Pro

If you are a TSO Mobile customer, you would want to get this mobile app, which gives you another way of accessing your data and tracking your fleet while on the road.

You can get a list of all the vehicles you have and just select the units you want to track.  You can also track your fleet in real time on a map that offers you three views: street, satellite and hybrid.  You can also zoom in on any vehicle by clicking on that particular vehicle’s icon and you can get the most up-to-date information you have on that vehicle. Furthermore, you can view historical locations on the map by selecting the relevant date range.  If you have Garmin devices, you can also chat or send messages via the app.

Get the Android app here.
Get the iOS app here.

5. Fleet 101 K2 Mobile

Fleet 101 K2 Mobile is for customers using the Fleet 101 transportation management system.

The Fleet 101 K2 Mobile app is geared more towards freight and delivery businesses.  More than just fleet tracking, it can submit proof of delivery signatures, send GPS positions to dispatchers, create damage reports with images, see shipment addresses on maps and other similar functions.

Download the Android version here.

6. MiX Fleet Mobile

MiX Fleet Mobile is available to MiX Telematics’ FM-Web customers.  With this mobile app, you can track all your vehicles on a single map.  You can also do a site search to see what vehicles are nearby, as well as the status for each vehicle.

Maps have three views: satellite, street and hybrid.  You can also get vehicle specific information, get trip reports and even plot the route on a map. Reverse geolocation feature is also supported. What’s more, you do not have to wait long to get updated information on your fleet as the server response time for this app is amazingly fast.

Get the Android version here.

7. GPS Insight

This is another screen for GPS Insight customers to check on their fleet.  The GPS Insight mobile app helps you stay on top of your fleet without having to be cooped up at your desk.  You can see your vehicle’s location, driver, status, odometer readings and other data.

Check out the Android version here.

If you think that’s cool, wait till you see the iPhone-only features available for this app.  Using an iPhone, you can also talk to drivers via Garmin, get directions from and to the vehicles you track and create points of interests and landmarks in just one click.  Download the iOS version here.

For the most part, having a mobile app is one of the value added features that a fleet tracking service might have in order to attract more subscribers.  As you can see, most of these mobile apps require a subscription in order for you to get full use of its features.  Nevertheless, these popular fleet tracking mobile apps might help you choose a fleet tracking service to work with.

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