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Telematics is growing at a huge rate and is set to explode over the next 5-10 years. There are many established companies in the telematics space but there are also many more coming to market on a daily basis.

This section comprises four main categories of B2B telematics an allows compaines to connect with established businesses in this exciting niche.


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The categories are:-
1) Insurance underwriters
Established insurance underwriters who can help you underwrite your telematics insurance policies.

2) Device manufacturers
Leading telematics device manufacturers who supply black boxes, OBD’s, Apps and other diagnostic equipment.

3) Data Handlers
Collecting the data is one thing but translating it into meaningful information is another. These companies will handle your data, translate it and work with you to use it to enhance your telematics offering.

4) Value added service providers
There has been a lot of talk about “value added services,” these are effectively add-ons that can be sold with a telematics insurance policy or as a cross sell to your customer base. Examples of value added services would be > In car diagnostics, roadside assistance, road safety features and many more. The possibilities are limitless and will be a key factor in the success of any telematics insurance product.

We will be adding to this section regularly and intorducing new features. To add your business, please email for more information.

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