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On this page we keep you in the loop with all the upcoming telematics conference and events happening around the world. These conferences are a great place to discover the very latest advances in the field of telematics and to make connections in the Insurance, Fleet, Tracking and Infotainment sectors. These events cover all aspects of the telematics industry, whether it be from an insurance perspective with insurance telematics, telematics update insurance, telematics box car insurance to fleet tracking or in-car infotainment.

Upcoming Global Telematics Conferences and Events




The Advanced Telematics & Mobility for Automotive event, on February 1-3 in Detroit, will delve into the technology that customers are expecting in future cars, how to protect the technology and the customer from a potential accident, how to teach the customer to use the technology safely and much more! Join your peers from Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Bentley Motors, Nissan, Delphi and Lear for three days of panels, case studies and one-on-one networking time. For more information, view the agenda http://bit.ly/1P8Xxiu, visit www.AdvancedTelematicsAuto.com or email Carrie.Simon@iqpc.com.




The 5th Telematics Conference SEEurope will be held on 1 October 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The only telematics focused conference and exhibition in Southeast Europe will host120+ delegates from and outside the region. The event in Sofia will highlight the importance of smart fleets and telematics in commercial vehicles. On the other hand, conference will offer a great insight into current and further development of telematics industry in the region. With carefully selected speakers from different segments of regional and local telematics, with many networking possibilities and with 14 exhibitors, the event guarantees the best business opportunity for all companies interested in Southeast Europe commercial telematics.

As a pre-event, on 30 September 2015, the brand new Telematics Startup will be organised for the first time. This event will connect startups with investors and already established and successful companies in telematics industry.

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Telematics Startup is a brand new pre-event to Telematics Conference SEEurope. This event will connect startups with investors and already established and successful companies in telematics industry. Selected startups will present 5-minute pitches in the attempt to convince the audience that their product/services are highly needed in the industry. All startup companies (up to 3 years) are working in the field of telematics for fleet management and commercial vehicles, vehicle tracking, fuel, route and fieldwork optimization, connected vehicles, transport, logistics, embedded solutions, maps and navigation, smart sensors, M2M solutions, IoT, smart cities, LBS, connected cars, and big data in transport.

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Telematics Insurance Europe

The Telematics Insurance EuropePrivate Auto And Fleet 2015 will for the first time in Europe address every single aspect of telematics insurance from an insurance carrier perspective, focusing unequivocally on driving consumer adoption, data analytics and retention.

Ultimately driving this congress is the need for insurers to create low-risk, cost-effective telematics insurance plans for an evolving and expanding market.

To save 15% on your participation fee, please enter code ‘TELEMATICS15’
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banner_Vechile Innovation
The opportunity for the connected car market to boost revenues for automakers is huge, but multiple challenges exist. In aiming of improving operational performance and maintaining brand awareness, world’s top automakers are anxiously seeking cooperation opportunity with the mobile industries to develop product innovation and integrated platform. The lack of telematics and in-car infotainment services in China make it the world’s fastest growing automotive market. Customers can’t be satisfied with only navigation and location-based type services. Local automakers is struggle hardly to catch up with Foreign vehicle OEMs.

Green and new vehicles, also enjoys a high growth in demand, the charging and energy storage technologies for EV is developing rapidly. New vehicles also requires lightweight materials. The key problem we are facing is how we can facilitate Electric Vehicle with longer battery life, better charging station infrastructure, and lower price.

Under this background, we are organizing Vehicle Innovation World 2015, We set high expectations to bring together major companies in this industry chain to discuss how we can make the vehicle more green, safe, smart, connected as well as convenient to customer’s life. In this big event, we will include topics on Autonomous Driving, Connectivity solutions, Cyber Security, Telematics Service, Charging and energy storage for EV and so on.

This event, As one part of Future Life Show, will be co-located with Sports & Health Innovation World 2015 and 4th annual Wireless Power World 2015.


  • Case study on Autonomous Driving;
  • Connectivity solutions;
  • Wireless and cellular modules;
  • Date Security in vehicle;
  • Telematics Service;
  • Discussion on new business model of Automobile OEMs;
  • Development of lightweight materials;
  • Implementation of OLED and Augmented Reality technologies in vehicle;
  • Wireless Charging technology& Infrastructure deployment;
  • Energy storage technology for EV: Supercapacitors, Batteries.etc

Find more information here: vehicleinnovationworld.com

Automotive HMI Cosmos
Meet experts from Porsche, Ford Werke, Jaguar Land Rover, Adam Opel, BMW, Strategy Analytics, Honda, University of Cambridge, and many more at the longest most established conference for automotive HMI and Connectivity “Automotive HMI Cosmos” from 28th September – 1st October 2015 in Mainz, Germany. Learn more about connected cockpit solutions, graphical user interface, UX and usability, data security and automated drive.

Find more information here: http://bit.ly/HMI_cosmos2015

Telematics Insurance Data Management & Product Design

The Only Insurance-Led Telematics Initiative Created For Insurance Providers By Insurance Providers

The first initiative purposefully designed to allow insurers to exchange the very latest in cutting edge technology, tried and tested pilots and case studies and, and best practices for managing and integrating huge streams of complex data into driver score and pricing.

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Connectivity Enables a New Paradigm for Auto Mobility

Telematics Detroit is the world’s largest forum dedicated to the future of connected auto mobility. With over 2500 senior attendees and 100+ industry leading speakers it addressed the crucial tech. and business questions shaping telematics as connectivity enables a new paradigm for auto mobility.

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Automated Drive – Multi-Modal HMI Solution – Connectivity Solution – Driver Distraction Research – Usability

The way drivers interact with their cars is evolving, driven by changes in domains like car technology, consumer electronics, demography and economics.
Therefore, the ultimate challenge for HMI experts is the creation of an interface that is engaging, functional and easy to reach and use. Information technology and software that enables next generation multimodal, multi-touch and multi-zone HMI design is the key for OEMs.

The 2nd international conference automotive cockpit HMI USA 2015 will draw together extensive experience from industry professionals and encourage the exchange of knowledge, and promote dialogue in an interactive networking surrounding.

For more information, please visit this page.

Exponential Growth is on the Horizon

Details TBC..

Master Regulations and Build the Business Case to Lead the Canadian UBI Explosion

Details TBC..

Cement the Position of UBI as a Mainstream Product by Delivering Undisputable Value to Consumers

Insurance Telematics is the largest and most comprehensive forum in Europe dedicated to launching usage based insurance (UBI) solutions. With over 400 global insurance telematics leaders and 30+ progressive insurers sharing their insight, it will address the critical technology challenges and new business models that are disrupting the UBI industry.

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Move Beyond IVI to Harness Data and Analytics to Deliver Real Customer and Vehicle Insights

Details TBC..

Engage Cross Industry Partners to Build Customised Service Packages for Multiple Fleets

Details TBC..


With the significant market growth predicted, SMi’s 3rd annual M2M telematics for usage based insurance conference will provide attendees with a complete view of the field and will focus on UBI business models and give insight into effective data management to gain competitive edge. The conference will tackle the challenges faced around UBI adoption and detail approaches for better operation of UBI programs. This informative event will bring together key opinion leaders in the field to provide attendees with an in-depth look into current developments in telematics.

This year’s agenda will provide an unparalleled opportunity for debate and problem solving of key challenges currently facing the field, allowing attendees to discuss progress in the area and exchange ideas moving forward. The programme ensures a truly comprehensive treatment of the most important issues. As UBI moves swiftly towards the main steam, join us for this February, and don’t miss the pre-conference workshop on Influencing road safety through telematics insurance.

For more information, please visit this page.

The Connected Car in 2015: The Road Starts Here

The Consumer Telematics Show (CTS) kicks off the calendar year for the connected car community, serving two strategic key purposes; it gives auto OEMs a platform to make announcements surrounding new partnerships or products and acts as the largest and most focused meeting point for 500+ automotive execs during CES week.

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Integrate Telematics with Supply Chain, Enterprise & Transport Infrastructure

The commercial telematics industry is evolving as mergers and acquisitions are diversifying the services available from telematics services providers. In 2014 Connected Fleets USA 2014 will gather the most respected opinion makers and prestigious companies to analyze the challenges that the industry is currently tackling.

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The Car & Connected Lifestyle Converge

Telematics West Coast 2014 is Telematics Update’s premiere west coast event dedicated to tackling the most pressing challenges and opportunities in delivering the next generation of smart content & services.

With over 250 top OEMs, tier 1s, content providers, TSPs, and telcos all networking together, this is the one west coast networking opportunity you just can’t miss.

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Delivering & Monetising Next Generation Connected Car Services for the LTE World

After a brilliant inaugural event, Connected Cars 2014 returns to the Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands on the 24 & 25 June 2014, co-locating again with the LTE World Summit to bring together over 3,000 attendees, 125 exhibitors and 250 speakers!

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Master the Connected Car Experience: Deliver Integrated Services to Build Brand Affinity and Create Customers for Life

Telematics Detroit is the world’s largest and most influential business focused conference and exhibition for the entire telematics ecosystem. Over 2000+ executives attended along with 100+ industry expert speakers, making Telematics Detroit the one event that you cannot afford to miss each and every year!

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Full details will appear here in due course.
Deliver Cutting Edge Apps through Enhanced OEM-Developer Relationships to Find Value Behind the Vehicle Content Hype

Next April in Munich, Automakers, App Developers, Content Aggregators, Wireless Carriers, Telematics Service Providers and Device Manufacturers will gather to share knowledge on how to produce commercially viable in-vehicle content.

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7th Euro American Association on Telematics and Information Systems

EATIS 2014 is focused on the communities, contents and technologies of e-Inclusion, e-Government, e-Health, e-Learning, e-Culture, e-Transport and e-Entertainment (local, regional, national and international), Web Semantic, and Web 2.0. In particular, EATIS 2014 encourages the use of Information System (IS), Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Telematics Systems, making it easier for citizens to access government and public services at various levels, without any adverse impact on ethic aspects.

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Harness the power of a revolution: explore latest developments at the UK’s premier event

With a top-drawer speaker line-up featuring a leading South African insurer and both new and established players from the UK, The Insurance Telematics Summit provides a unique opportunity to explore the business-critical issues facing the telematics scene. Whether you’re an insurer or a broker, and whether you deliver your policies through an app or black box, attend in March to find out what you can do now to refine and expand your offering.

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Develop Integrated Fleet Solutions & Meet End-User Requirements To Drive Profitability Across Commercial Vehicle Segments

The European Telematics for Fleet Management Show is Europe’s largest and most focussed B2B conference for the commercial telematics, commercial vehicles and vehicle ICT industry. With 200 + executive attendees and 25 + industry pioneer speakers it is the European Fleet Telematics event you cannot afford to miss in 2014!

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The insurance and M2M telematics industry are racing to implement Usage Based Insurance to gain competitive advantage and meet increasing commmercial and private consumer demand.

New data strategies will also be a key opportunity for the industry to increase customer loyalty as their customers learn to rely on them for analytical insight into how they can save money through behavioural driving modifications.

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The ‘Eureka’ Moment: The Connected Car Reaches it’s True Potential

The Consumer Telematics Show (CTS) is the most focused infotainment meeting for the automotive industry. Held in Las Vegas on the eve of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), CTS is set to showcase more world class speakers, crucial industry debates and executive attendees than ever before!

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The Changing Face of FMS: Engage Cross Industry Partners as Consolidation and Autonomous Freight Becomes a Reality

The commercial telematics industry has reached a key tipping point. In 2013 Telematics for Fleet Management USA will gather the most respected opinion makers and prestigious companies to analyze the challenges that the industry is currently tackling.

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Empower the Consumer with Connected Services to Position Telematics as the Key Automotive Revenue Enabler

Telematics Munich is Europe’s largest and most influential business conference & exhibition for the connected car industry. In 2012 over 750 executives attended along with more than 100 industry pioneer speakers. Telematics Munich is the one event that you cannot afford to miss this year.

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