Connected Fleets USA 2014 November 20th - 21st 2014   Atlanta
Consumer Telematics Show 2015 January 5th 2015   Las Vegas
Connected Fleets Europe March 9th - 10th 2015   Amsterdam
Insurance Telematics Europe 2015 April 14th - 15th 2015   London
Insurance Telematics Canada May 2015   Toronto
Telematics India May 2015   Bangalore
Telematics Detroit June 3rd - 4th 2015   Detroit

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Telematics is a general term that refers to any device which merges telecommunications and infomatics. Telematics includes anything from GPS systems to navigation systems. It is responsible for many features in vehicles from OnStar to hands free mobile calling.

Telematics enables wireless data communication and opens up a huge range of possibilities. It can enable you to have wireless television and internet on your vehicle. Telematics is essentially a range of different features, options and devices that are brought together by a single principle – data and communication.

Through telematics you enjoy many benefits in your vehicle on a daily basis such as roadside assistance and remote unlocking of your vehicle. Lets say you forgot the car keys in the vehicle, well with telematics and a quick phone call you could get your car unlocked.

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Connected Fleets USA 2014
November 20th - 21st 2014, Atlanta
Consumer Telematics Show 2015
January 5th 2015, Las Vegas
Connected Fleets Europe
March 9th - 10th 2015, Amsterdam
Insurance Telematics Europe 2015
April 14th - 15th 2015, London
Insurance Telematics Canada
May 2015, Toronto
Telematics India
May 2015, Bangalore
Telematics Detroit
June 3rd - 4th 2015, Detroit

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Will In-Car Infotainment Affect the Growth of the Automotive Industry?
Posted in Features by Sherly Mendoza

  As the year 2014 started, the world’s biggest carmaker, Toyota Motor Corp., predicted that U.S. car sales would level off.  Toyota expects to sell 2.3 million cars this year, despite seeing a 7.4% growth in 2013 sales and after four years of continuous increases.  Overall, carmakers sold 7.6% more cars in 2013, delivering more than 15 million cars in 2013, a six-year record.  That increase is helped by a recovering economy, low interest rates for auto loans and declining… read more →

Get to Know More About Fleet Management Software as a Service (SaaS)
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For many years, fleet management solutions providers give you the hardware that you need to install in your fleet’s vehicles and the software to allow you to collect data and interpret these data to help you make better fleet management decisions.  This software is important because it helps you make sense of the data, easily and conveniently.  In fact, without the software, you would probably miss the most important data you need and would have a hard time understanding the… read more →

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Automotive Connected Services in Brazil – The Future..
Posted in Expert Opinion by Robert Prime

By Yeswant Abhimanyu, Automotive & Transportation Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan: SAO PAULO, Brazil – 03/09/2014 – The passenger car market in Latin America is diverse. Each country poses its specific traits, dynamic customer requirements and complex trends. Brazil, Latin America’s largest automotive market, is expected to grow to over 5 million annual vehicle sales by 2020. The market today is experiencing dynamic shifts due to various regulations, with..

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