Managing a commercial vehicle fleet can be overwhelming. Here are five ways a telematics system can help keep you sane.

1. Curious about how your drivers behave on the road?


Driving patterns can be tracked to ensure that each vehicle operator is driving in accordance with local road laws and company safety policies. A telematics system can expose dangerous or careless driving behavior through activity recorded from sensors.

2. Avoid this all together:


Telematics data provides the most up-to-date traffic and congestion information, allowing dispatchers and fleet managers to provide the best routes to drivers and update customers on delays.

3. Stick to a planned route.


Geofencing in a telematics system can ensure drivers stay within selected areas and routes which are chosen for their efficiency. If a driver deviates from the route, fleet managers can be alerted and contact the driver.

4. Save the planet.


CO2 emissions can be monitored to ensure they comply with government regulations and reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint.

5. Prevent this from happening:


Telematics provides information about each vehicle in a fleet so that you can plan service and general maintenance to keep each vehicle in top shape and avoid unwanted repairs.

    Sarah Barbod

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