10 Popular Global Fleet Tracking Consultancies

A Comprehensive Guide to:
Fleet Tracking Systems



Chapter 20

10 Popular Global Fleet Tracking Consultancies

  • Fleet Tracking Consultancy – Fleet Tracking Consultancy is a UK based company that has been around for several years now dealing small to medium business to corporate clients. They offer a bespoke service and can tailor vehicle tracking solutions to meet individual clients.
  • CTrack – Ctrack is another UK based company with over 25 years experience within the fleet sector. They notibly mention to achieve quick return on investment with their data analysis and support.
  • L&A Consultants – L&A Consultants pride themselves on their award winning software system, iR3. Which is in use by the London Metropolitan Police and has seen huge savings for clients within the public sector.
  • Vehicle Tracking Consultants – Vehicle Tracking Consultants provide tracking for small to large fleets, assisting in the supplying of tracking systems and advice on everything concerning fleet tracking. They also specialise in stolen vehicle recovery tracking.
  • FMC Fleet Trak – FMC Fleet Trak specialise in TomTom Telematics fleet tracking systems for the publis and commerical sectors, clients areas include transport, courier and emergency services.
  • Business Vehicle Tracking – Business Vehicle Tracking, established in 1998 supply services across the UK and Europe. Tailoring custom solutions to a clients individuals requirements.
  • Vine Telematics – Vine Telematics manage fleets of all sizes and provide full training using minute-by-minute data analysis.
  • IAE Services – IAE Services is an australian based GPS Fleet Management Tracking System Consultancy.
  • Optifleet – OptiFleet is based in Wellington New Zealand. Dealing with Fleet Consultancy and Fleet Sourcing. They assist organisations in the purchase, operation and sale of their motor vehicles.
  • CariTrack – based in Trinidad and Tobago. GPS/GSM GPS Tracking and Mobile Resource Management solutions for Security, Fleet and Asset management.


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