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As one of the UK’s most respected motoring organisations, the AA has always been dedicated to improving driver safety and they have introduced their Drivesafe box as part of their young person telematics insurance scheme. Uniquely, unlike other black box insurance systems, Drivesafe offers money back for safer driving rather than discounts on premiums. However, compared to other telematics insurance deals, the AA is a little stricter when it comes to both their curfew and their safer driving score. It doesn’t matter whether you went the AA Driving School or not you can use AA car insurance and drive safe insurance.

Aimed at the under 25s, all Drivesafe policyholders are given an initial driver score, which can be anywhere between 0 and 100. This original score is based on the initial policy information that policyholders give the AA before they have fitted the Drivesafe black box insurance system. However, once fitted, each time a driver’s score improves by ten points or more, the AA give a refund on some of the premium.

AA black box insurance

As with other telematics insurance systems, you have to have the Drivesafe unit fitted by a trained technician. Thankfully, with the AAs enormous number of road assistants, this is normally a lot easier to get done than with other black box insurance companies. About the size of your average smartphone, the Drivesafe telematics insurance system is discreet and has no input on the actual mechanics of the car; it simply records data that the AA can use to assess driver safety.

With a built-in GPS system, an added benefit to having the Drivesafe black box insurance device in your car is that it acts as a tracker in case the car is stolen. However, the AA is a little stricter when it comes to what it constitutes risk. For instance, many telematics insurance companies penalise drivers for taking their car out between 11pm and 5am – the statistically riskiest times of the day; some companies even ask you to agree to a curfew so essentially you are prohibited from taking the car out during these times. While the AA doesn’t go this far, they do consider the riskier times as being a little earlier than other companies, which means if go out of an evening, you need to ensure the car is back on the drive at 10 o’clock, and not 11 o’clock like most other telematics insurance companies.

Drivesafe telematics insurance

In order to assist you, the AA offers an online dashboard system to allow drivers to monitor their driving score. With the Drivesafe telematics insurance scoring system, the higher the score, the better. The score is not just judged on when you drive, but also considers such things as average speed, acceleration, cornering speed and heavy braking. Of course, while young drivers can get a rebate on their insurance policy for every ten points they improve their scorecard, the opposite is also true, and the price of a policy can go up if you lose ten points.

While the AA Drivesafe telematics insurance is a little stricter than other similar policies on the market, as the standard policy comes with breakdown insurance, free courtesy car, and a few other extras such as overseas insurance, it does make it a worthwhile scheme for those young people wanting extensive cover, peace of mind and low cost insurance.  So why not get an AA car insurance quote and with a drive safe box you can take advantage of their AA dashboard. You can use websites like compare the market to compare the AA to other insurers.

For an explanation on PAYD see our article Pay As You Drive Car Insurance Explained here.

Key Points Of This Policy

Free anti-theft tracker included.

Track your progress on your personal online Drivesafe Dashboard.

Dedicated UK claimline available 24/7.

Courtesy car while yours is repaired by an insurer approved repairer.

Insurance cover for driving abroad.

Charges and Fees


To receive a printed version of your welcome pack.


To receive a printed version of other documentation.


Removal of the Drivesafe box from the vehicle (after cancellation) at your request.


Failure to attend Installation appointment.


Mid Term Adjustment – Change of Vehicle.



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