Airmax continues accreditation

Airmax, a UK based telematics and fleet management company, has announced that it’s received its third IPO accreditation within the last three years. This time around, it was the ISO 27001 Information Security badge of honour, which along with its ISO 9001 Quality Management, makes it one of the most qualified and accredited telematics organisations in the country.

This comes just two months after Airmax’s previous accreditation for ISO 14001 which is focused on environmental issues. It said that at the time that it was committed to improving its environmental record and reducing its carbon footprint on the world.

This is part of Airmax’s continued dedication to improvement itself, which it claims is essential to its business model as it’s shown an increase in business in the last couple of years, especially in the blue light sector and with government vehicles.

The auditing body that gave the organisation its ISO certification said of the news: “Airmax have demonstrated effective conformance with the standard through appropriate adoption of relevant procedures and controls.”

As FleetNews reports, Airmax’s business development director, Richard Perham also commented on the news, saying:

“With employee growth of nearly 15% this year, processes and procedures are critical.

“Seeking ISO accreditation was an integral part of our longer-term strategy and the security processes which protect their data is regarded as an absolute must by the large fleets we now have coming on board as customers.”


About Airmax

Airmax is a long standing telematics and tracking services group, offering a wide range of vehicle communication, electronic and database based technologies for fleet managers since 2005. Today it supplies some of the UK’s largest fleets and has diversified over the past few years, to offer full customer support throughout the country at several different centres.. This earned it an award from Business Car in 2010 and has led to it splitting into three distinct businesses underneath the banner of the Airmax Group:

  • Airmatx Remote Limited – telematics services, applications and tracking options
  • Airmax Technologies Limited – vehicle related research and development for future hardware and software applications
  • Airmax Scope Limited – emerging payment and telecommunications packages and hosting facilities




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