Applied Driving Techniques partners with Intelligent Telematics

Intelligent telematics has differentiated itself from the competition for a while now with its 3G enabled camera package, but it now looks set to make even greater strides into a unique position in the industry, by partnering with Applied Driving Techniques, to help make its customers’ drivers that bit safer on the road.

For those that are signed up to both systems, fleet managers will be able to look at driver location information, behaviour reports and footage of any “events” that have procured from right within the ADT Riskmapp back-end. Utilising both the footage from any situations which night reviewing, as well as offering the detailed driver feedback and training ideas from ADT, should give fleet operators a much deeper insight into how to improve their drivers’ habits on the road, helping them benefit from telematics tracking even more.

Beyond front end benefits to companies and consumers however, both ADT and Intelligent Telematics have entered into a developmental partnership as well. This will mean both companies working together to try and come up with new ways to minimise the risks currently faced by drivers and how by combining data and technology, they can help cut back on accidents and further improve telematics performance.


Sam Footer, head of international business and strategic development at Intelligent Telematics said in a release: ““Recent research found that our 3G vehicle camera technology achieved a reduction in accident frequency of 45 per cent and when an incident did occur the cost was 27 per cent less as a result of instant intervention. What was also striking was that 65 per cent of the accidents recorded were in fact avoidable highlighting a clear opportunity to improve fleet safety levels through improved and targeted driver engagement. Therefore, this partnership with ADT will enable companies to take proactive action to address driver issues to improve safety and reduce costs.”

Not to be outdone, Andy Phillips, current director at Applied Driving Techniques said in a statement: “Business driving is the foremost occupational hazard with over 30 per cent of road deaths attributed to work-related activity each year, so we work with companies of all sizes to address corporate level risk and create the necessary environment for safety culture change. With this in mind we are committed to work with likeminded and industry-leading specialists such as Intelligent Telematics to enhance our offering. Using real-time and historical data will provide added driver insight and enable us to better analyse and address risk factors to maximise value and achieve measurable results.”

By working together, these two businesses should be able to offer pretty comprehensive solutions for their customers. ADT is much more focused on predicting and preventing accidents and problems from occurring, whereas Intelligent Telematics looks at data recorded after the fact and uses that to help make sure that nothing happens in the future. This mixture of active and reactive telematics tracking should lead to much safer drivers over all, as well as improving other aspects of telematics like fuel economy and vehicle wear.

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