“BMW has incorporated some novel features to go along with in-car mapping technology”

Advances in technology have created a number of new in-car devices that can enhance the driving experience, and the BMW car company is at the forefront of this development. They are creating new car models that will feature telematics and in-car entertainment devices that may appeal to drivers of all kinds. You’ll have to carefully consider whether these pieces of technology will be suitable for the way you want to drive your vehicle. This article will provide a BMW in-car telematics and in-car entertainment review that will cover some of the basics of these features.

One new technological breakthrough that is being discussed is the use of telematics within cars. This has already seen a number of prominent applications, including the very popular in-car mapping devices that have been proliferated over the past few years. These mapping programs enable drivers to plug in the address of their destination and instantly receive accurate maps that can get them to where they needed to go. This is seen as a natural evolution of the internet mapping websites that were once used to print out directions before trips.

BMW has incorporated some novel features to go along with in-car mapping technology. They have allowed their drivers to use voice activated control schemes to input data into this system. Essentially, this allows the driver to simply vocally state their intended destination and they will be instantly provided with directions. The ability to do this is a major step forward in terms of safety and functionality. This will prevent drivers from having to take their hands off the wheel just to input the address of their destination to receive directions.

Another advantage of some of BMW’s telematics is that it will let users connect to the internet while driving. This has been controversial, because some people argue that it will distract drivers unnecessarily. But proponents claim that it provides a safe way to access the internet, rather than having drivers use their smart phones to do it. The screen is usually embedded within the dash of the car, meaning that the driver will still be able to focus on the road in front of them. How you use these internet connectivity services will be completely up to you. You may opt to check your email for work updates while you are heading to your office location. Or you could listen to internet radio or sports broadcasts that might not be available through terrestrial radio stations.

“These pieces of technology can communicate with one another effortlessly with wi-fi internet transmissions”

But BMW has not stopped there in its quest to give its drivers the most functional in-car telematics. They have incorporated several systems that closely mirror media devices seen in the home setting. They have taken the home theater and put it into the backseat for many families to enjoy. This is a great innovation for parents because they can play movies and television shows that their kids enjoy during a trip. The advantage of this is that the kids will be less likely to act up during the trip, alleviating stress for the parent who is driving the car.

Additionally, BMW has begun making cars built with devices that can synch up to smart phones and other mobile technology. These pieces of technology can communicate with one another effortlessly with wi-fi internet transmissions. Someone with a favorite playlist on their mp3 player can sync this device to the car’s radio system, instantly creating their own custom radio station. Another passenger with directions on their tablet device can upload an address to the car’s mapping system. All of this combines to make the driving experience easier and more functional than anyone could have ever imagined.

The car company is also planning to incorporate this technology into more of their models in the coming years. For now, some of these devices could only be found in luxury versions of many of their familiar car brands. But as this technology becomes easier and cheaper to produce, consumers may want to keep an eye out for it appearing more often. This is great news for technophiles everywhere, because it can only lead to more innovations later.

Hopefully this review has inspired you to take a better look at some of the features being built in to BMW cars these days. The BMW car company has long been associated with producing top quality cars with some of the latest features. So it is no surprise that they continue to lead the pack in terms of the telematics and in-car entertainment options they incorporate into their designs.

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