Causeway launches Telematics 2015 vehicle tracking software for mobile workforces

Causeway’s Telematics 2015 vehicle tracking software has been completely re-designed to drive improvements in mobile workforce efficiency, enhance customer service and optimise visibility of key performance data. As such it enables organisations with a mobile workforce to complete more jobs while driving down administration and fleet costs, as well as reducing CO2 and other emissions associated with fuel consumption.

Typical benefits reported by Telematics customers include a 20% increase in completed jobs per day, a 10% reduction in fuel spend, a 15% increase in vehicle utilisation and elimination of unauthorised vehicle use. Telematics also helps to ensure mobile workers are tax-compliant.

Completely web-based with access from any browser, Telematics 2015 is available as an App on smart phones and tablets as well as program for desktop systems. The App can be used by employees in the field to receive jobs and report progress, or by customers to track an operative’s progress.

Telematics 2015 is fully integrated with Google Maps to provide the most up-to-date mapping and traffic information, as well as with Causeway’s Mobile Workforce scheduling solutions where required.

Users can easily view a driver’s position, route and any alerts – including when a vehicle has been speeding, stopped at an unknown location or when the driver has arrived at site. The vehicle and driver data can be customised to suit each user’s requirements.

New job locations can be found quickly using the smart search facility, while right-clicking on the locations display detailed directions to save time and improve efficiency.

Key data such as driver performance, job routes, mileage and fuel efficiency are easily viewed using the online reporting suite.

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