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  • USB / Bluetooth / Audio In
  • GPS Services


  • Satellite radio additional cost
  • SatNav additional cost

"This new system was introduced in the Ram 1500 and Dodge Viper STR8"

The telematics system in a car is critical and Chrysler has begun to notice this for its cars. That’s why Chrysler has created its own in-car telematics system. This goes alongside many of the entertainment plans that Chrysler has to offer. These two types of systems work well together to make a car more technologically advanced and useful.

While Chrysler struggled at the start with getting a telematics system after the company’s split in its relationship from Hughes after Chrysler’s bankruptcy, the company has since gone on and recovered from its financial troubles to develop a new program called the Uconnect system. This new system was introduced in the Ram 1500 and Dodge Viper STR8 and shows a great amount of promise in terms of how it will operate and what it can do for the average user.

The Uconnect system has since expanded to include many Chrysler-specific models like the 200, 300 and Town and Country. The system works well with all sorts of controls that make the entertainment packages in these cars more viable. This is a good system that is worth reviewing for the features that it utilizes and how it operates.

What the Telematics System Features

The Uconnect system in Chrysler models features many of the traditional materials that you’d come to expect out of a vehicle like a USB port, audio input jack and satellite radio access. However, some Uconnect models have some special telematics systems that work particularly well.

Bluetooth signals are used in many of these vehicles to make it easier for the vehicle’s devices to be connected without wires. You can use this for hands-free calling and voice command functions. This system works amazingly well and is compatible with every Bluetooth device on the market.

The GPS link is also a part of the telematics system worth watching. It uses the same GPS satellites that many other devices used when finding details on where you are. It’s a basic feature but it’s still important considering how reliable GPS technology has become over the years. This should make your system more useful and capable of helping you find where you are. Of course, this is provided that you have paid for your subscription to use such a system in your vehicle.

This system can also utilize a DVD and CD player. This will link up to a television screen that is visible from the second and third rows of a vehicle. This adds to the luxury of the vehicle and makes the ride more fun for all passengers.

What About Entertainment?

"You might have to pay extra each month to get access to the satellite navigation system"

The telematics system used by Chrysler reflects heavily in the entertainment plans that you can choose from. The satellite radio, video screen and other features are useful but there are several points that have to be checked on.

First, many entertainment plans that use the Uconnect telematics system can utilize one of many different high-end soundsystems that use Alpine, Beats or Harmon Kardon speakers.

Another product to see that utilizes telematics very well is the MyGig system. This is used on many Chrysler models and mixes entertainment with communication and navigation. It uses a full touch screen control system that lets you adjust many settings in the car and even lets you set instructions on how to get from one place to another. This is done with satellite map support.

However, you might want to watch for what is open when finding such a system. Not all systems in all Chrysler models use the same features. In addition, you might have to pay extra each month to get access to the satellite navigation system. There are clearly costs for satellite radio just as well but that is a completely different thing to be billed for.

The communication setup works particularly well by linking Bluetooth devices together or by reading your communication devices that are set up to an audio jack or USB port. You will easily get all of these items ready and under control.

It conclusion, the telematics used for the vehicles by Chrysler are very appealing in terms of what they come with and how they are used. Chrysler has shown that it has come a long way from what it has been going through in the past and is much more durable and powerful today.

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