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If you’re looking for a telematics policy that calculates your premiums solely on how much you drive then Coverbox could be the insurer for you. Unlike other insurers with complicated formula used to work out initial premiums, Coverbox appears to simply use your mileage. Just purchase how many miles you think you’ll need (3000 is the minimum) and then monitor if you need to buy more or apply for a cashback refund if you’ve purchased too many. Most Coverbox car insurance reviews perhaps focus on cheap car insurance but it is low mileage car insurance or limited mileage car insurance that are of importance to some.

The Online Dashboard

Premiums can however change based on your driving. The insurer provides a dashboard on their website where you can monitor how you are driving. This includes daily reports on how far you drive, plus when and where. It gives you personalised recommendations on how to change your driving to reduce your premium. While they are not specific, it appears that where you drive may be a big factor on your premiums so you might be encouraged to avoid driving near accident black spots.

The dashboard also contains all the policy documents and any correspondence you have with the insurer, which will be very helpful should you ever need to make a claim on your insurance.

The Box

While the device is free, the installation of the device costs £50. This can be arranged for a time and location to suit your needs, but they do insist that it is fitted by someone they send – it’s not possible to get out of the installation charge by fitting it yourself. The devices are supplied by Ctrack which is a large telematics hardware company. The device can be extended to include theft tracking, but this is an optional extra with a cost attached.

The device tracks your mileage and also your location, through GPS. GPS is used for optional extras such as theft protection and also shown to you in your dashboard.

Fully Comprehensive

The coverage offered by Coverbox is fully comprehensive. It even includes features which are typically optional extras with other insurers such as windscreen cover and courtesy cars. It also includes legal protection, should you be in an accident where the other party decided to litigate. Your possessions are also protected, although if you want your gadgets covered this requires purchasing an optional extra. Similarly key cover can be added on to our policy for a small charge. They also allow you to pay a little extra to get AA breakdown cover.

Support is provided from a UK based call centre where the staff only work for Coverbox, which should mean a better experience should you need to contact them in case of an accident.

Who’s it good for?

The policy is great for young drivers, especially those who only occasionally use their cars. Fully comprehensive cover when you’re young is especially important as most young people don’t have savings to cover repairs to their car, and Coverbox includes this as standard. If you’re a student who only uses their car occasionally, such as trips home or to see a boyfriend or girlfriend every other weekend then this should work out cheaper than standard insurance coverage which doesn’t take monitored mileage into account.

Similarly anyone who doesn’t clock up many miles can save using Coverbox. It makes sense for a low mileage driver to pay less, as they are on the road less and thus less likely to be involved in an accident. If you only use your car for short trips such as to the shops or to pick the kids up from school, then going for a policy with them could be a really good option, especially as their minimum mileage purchase is just 3000 which works out at a average of just over 8 miles per day. If you accidentally purchase too many miles you can also apply for cashback. Coverbox is similar to other insurers such as its4me car insurance, number for privalage car insurance and cobra car insurance.

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Key Points Of This Policy

Free device, £50 installation

Courtesy car if you break down

Covers accidents, personal possessions, legal protection and includes windscreen cover

Premiums linked to miles, cashback if you purchase too many

Charges and Fees


Installation charge.


If you cancel after initial 14 days



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