Digital security firm shows off new telematics services

Gemalto, one of the world’s most prominent digital security companies, is settings its sights on innovative telematics, to offer high-level connectivity solutions to manufacturers, without compromising security. This is something we talked about recently when we saw hackers demonstrate the ability to take control of a vehicle entirely, including shutting down important safety features. With that in mind, Gemalto is introducing new high-speed data transfer services, which don’t compromise the security of a vehicle’s digital systems, as well as new advanced features for a telematics unit.

Showing off this new tech at the Detroit Telematics 2014 event over the next few days, Gemalto plans to debut tech that offers high-speed mobile connectivity allowing advanced GPS navigation and new, secure near field communication for keyless car entry and engine start.

To achieve these goals, Gemalto is building a smart device ecosystem leveraging the internet of things. This is designed to create a “safe” network of software and hardware solutions, which is the only group allowed to access important car features. If a third party were to attempt to hijack these signals or gain unauthorised entry, it would be denied access.


Keyless car access apps are becoming far more popular. Source: Campbell Designs LLC

“Advancing the vision of the connected car, Gemalto has a comprehensive portfolio designed for the needs of the automotive industry such as remote subscription management that increases the lifecycle of a device,” said Lars Thyroff, Head of Automotive for Gemalto (via MarketWatch). “Within the trusted partner environment of secure services, our latest 4G features and automotive grade M2M technology transforms a car from a mode of transportation into high-speed connectivity hub capable of powering advanced intelligent driving services.”

The three key areas which Gemalto is expected to focus on at Detroit Telematics are:

  • High-grade machine to machine technology and eCall safety systems.
  • Near field communication platforms with high security that give the driver much deeper access to their vehicle via mobile applications. Should allow for key-less operation of the car.
  • High speed, high security communication systems being laid down with telematics hardware for future increased access and data tracking.

About Gemalto

Despite not being much of a consumer focused firm and therefore generally operating behind the scenes, Gemalto is a huge company. Founded in 2006 after the formation of Axalto and Gemplus International and based in the Netherlands, it now has revenue streams as strong as $2.25 billion per year. With over 10,000 employees and local offices around the world, it pushes digital security and development of machine to machine applications in a variety of fields, including: telematics, healthcare, government, payment platforms and authentication in cloud access.

About Detroit Telematics

Set to take place annually (between 4th and 5th June in 2014), Detroit Telematics brings together some of the best and the brightest minds in the telematics and applicable industries and has them discuss the current state of the industry, its past and its near and far futures, with the idea being that everyone walks away that bit wiser about what their company is doing in an industry that’s still burgeoning. Some of the key speakers come from tech companies like Google, entertainment firms like Harman and high level automotive manufacturers like Audi and Toyota.


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