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Telematics.com Review : Fair Pay Insurance

Fair Pay Insurance are a prominent player in the telematics insurance space. They have grown in this new space quickly and have the added benefit of working in tandem with Tom Tom on their insurance product. Fairpayinsurance.co.uk are taking a gamble on younger drivers by discounting their policies up front and offering 8,000 bonus miles to young drivers who agree to drive well. This is bold, where other insurers tend to offer discounts later in the policy term. The feedback for drivers is in real time and powered by Tom Tom. Drive badly and you will get a real time alert from your Tom Tom device that comes with each new policy.

Fairpay insurance is typically suited to drivers who do under 10,000 miles per year who drive carefully and are less prone to sharp braking and other poor driving habits. They will review your driving every three months and make adjustments accordingly depending on how you drove for that term. They boast that according to their 2012 data, 75% of the drivers they have that used the telematics black box ended up getting good driver bonuses.  These bonuses are paid out in extra driving miles rather than cash bonuses but they effectively come to the same thing as they save you money on your renewals. Similar to other insurers like Ingenie insurance it is possible to obtain a cheap car insurance black box for telematics car insurance.

Other things that Fairpay boast are speed and camera alerts, vehicle tracking and anti-fraud help. If for example you were in an accident and were not at fault, the black box they install can help your cause and prove your innocence.

You need to have had a valid driving licence for one year to be eligible for a policy and it is ideal for people who stand to pay over £1,000 for their car insurance. You can pay in full or by direct debit and do not have to be a certain age to be eligible to be covered.

Like other black box insurers, Fairpay will not share your data with anyone else unless they are obliged to by law.  Please see their key policy information below as well as charges and fees and be sure to compare black box insurance.

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Key Points Of This Policy

As much as 10,000 miles worth of car insurance.

Real-time in-car driving feedback.

Charges and Fees


New policy inception and renewal.


Changes to existing policies.


First Year: Sat Nav costs.


Subsequent Years: Annual monitoring.


Change of vehicle box transfer.



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