How Fleet Tracking Can Help Any Business

snowplowThere are many small business owners out there that are likely looking for a way that they can get logistics solutions through fleet tracking. This has become a hot issue recently for these businesses, because the right fleet tracking system can actually help save quite a bit of money on shipping costs. If your business is facing bulky overhead expenses, then you will need to think about the different ways that you can get the help that you need. No matter what kind of fleet based business you operate, you can likely stand to benefit from this kind of tracking software. Though you may be skeptical, there are some clear cut cases in which fleet tracking saved many companies out there. There are plenty of options when looking into Fleet tracking solutions from the wealth of GPS fleet tracking companies, luckily there are plenty of fleet tracking reviews covering GPS fleet tracking pricing, all types of fleet tracking systems and fleet tracking software.

First, you may be impressed to hear that some large companies out there have benefited from incorporating fleet tracking software in to their logistics systems. The Oracle company is well known for many of their software packages, but they have also been wanting to expand their telematics department. They were having some issues with unveiling this program and had contemplated scrapping it. But Prolificx was able to step in and offer some fleet tracking software that could be combined with what Oracle had in motion already. After these companies combined their efforts, Oracle was able to rebound and offer extensive telematics services from then on.


These benefits are not limited to the private sector as well, since a number of governmental agencies could benefit from doing this. Some may be interested in learning more about the success of Eagle Medical Service, which provides ambulatory services in the greater Memphis area. They have been faced with rapidly growing demand for their services in this area, but they have only a limited amount of funding to work with each year. But they were able to significantly reduce their overhead costs by installing the NexTraq Fleet Tracking system. This is one of the most advanced fleet tracking systems that are out on the market to this day. This system can even allow people to lower insurance rates, which may be appealing to quite a few other agencies as well.

Even many small businesses will find that they can reduce their logistical costs when they choose to integrate one of these new fleet tracking systems. If you need proof, consider the case study of Shumate Mechanical. This is an HVAC company that offers a wide range of services to consumers in their area. This is a family owned business that has actually managed to install or repair over 250,000 different units. They have many staff members and technicians that need to drive around the area to link up with consumers. They installed the NexTraq fleet tracking system and assigned a dispatcher to monitor it. As a result, they were able to increase services by 9% and reduce overall costs by 12%. This provided a substantial boost to the company and has helped them to maintain the profitability of their business.

If you would like to integrate a fleet tracking system soon, you may want to consider some of the many other benefits that it can provide to you. Think about whether you may want to let your customers know that you are reducing the amount of fuel you use and improving your carbon footprint. This can be helpful for many businesses out there who want to advertise that they are taking steps towards becoming a green company. It can also simply help prevent excessive mileage or damage from affecting your vehicle. This could prove to further reduce overhead costs and keep your business operational for a longer period of time.

In all, there are many advantages that you can expect to get from integrating a fleet tracking system. This is particularly true of any company that needs to work with an extensive network of transport vehicles. You can collect data on their mileage and speed averages, which may prove to be helpful for many people out there. Talk to a team in your area that can provide fleet tracking devices for your vehicles. They may be able to discuss rates with you, which can be useful information as well. This may be able to help you plan out costs and expenditures you may incur, but think about it as an investment in the efficiency of your business. So check out our fleet tracking reviews before jumping in to specific fleet tracking solutions.

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