Fuel efficiency up 10 per cent at Mimram thanks to telematics

The telematic bug has struck again, this time at Mimram, an electrical services and engineering company that has managed to reduce its fleet’s fuel consumption by as much as 10 per cent. It may not have the largest one out there, with just 58 vehicles in service, but that still represents a massive saving throughout the year and a big boon for the environment.

Mimram took on the Masternaut telematics package earlier this year and made the decision to not only add the telematics devices to worker vans and trucks, but to also company car provided manager vehicles as well. This allows fleet managers to keep an eye on where everyone is in real time, as well as providing reports for anyone found to be accelerating or braking too sharply and any instances of speeding or dangerous driving.

Thanks to this reporting, a few drivers have been brought up on their habits and have thus improved the way they go about in company vehicles. This has led to a reduction in vehicle wear and a near elimination of speeding fines. On top of that, it’s led to an overall reduction in fuel usage as people drive more efficiently.


Mimram Site Services’ Gary Price commented (via FleetWorld): “Working with Masternaut, we’ve been given a top rate service and valuable data to help steer our business and fleet. Masternaut’s system is a real peace of mind tool – letting us know where our staff are at any time, as well as telling us how safely they’ve been driving. The results we’ve had on driver behaviour have been excellent and in the future with Masternaut, we’re hoping to do more with fuel consumption to see how we can reduce that further. We’ve made a 10% saving on fuel so far and that’s something we’re confident we can reduce further with Masternaut.”

One benefit of the system that Mimram is particularly pleased with however – and one that doesn’t get much of a mention by telematics companies or their customers – is that with constant tracking, vehicle usage reporting and fuel allocation are readily available to fleet managers and accounts when required. That means a massive cut back in paperwork and an overall efficiency increase in how the business is run. This in turn can lead to a better service to customers as job turnaround is quicker too.

Perhaps the most impressive part of all this though, is that it has been almost entirely achieved without bespoke hardware installation. Most of the workers and managers are simply using Masternaut’s smartphone applications, meaning that there were no installation charges or wait times for all of the vehicles to be upgraded. It also means that people can make use of the app during their personal time if they wish to, letting them constantly work on improving their driving and making their time on the roadways of Britain that much safer and more efficient.

    Jon Martindale

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