Geotab announces new commercial telematics solution

Geotab, one of the world’s leading telematics engineering firms, has announced that its new GO7 commercial telematics device is now widely available. The bespoke hardware and software solution, is designed to appeal to fleet managers and engineers, letting them detect a large array of information about the vehicle, going far and beyond the typical tracking and fuel economy data of standard telematics offerings.

The new GO7 system hooks up the vehicle’s diagnostics port and is able to keep track of information on the engine itself, the drivetrain, the instrument cluster and a number of other smaller sub-systems throughout the vehicle. It also will allow for customisation, thank to its programmable CANBUS, OBD, J1939 connection pins. It even comes with an enhanced auto-protocol detection and a much more sensitive accelerometer, giving more detailed data on how the car is being driven and whether the driver is accelerating or braking too sharply.

Other features of tracking include a notification on RPM, vehicle identification numbers, current fuel levels, seat belt detection and even an odometer, all of which can be customised and played with in the GO7 back end software, called MyGeoTab. More detailed information is available in the case of manufacturer installed diagnostics equipment, such as Ford, Volvo and Mazda’s own in-house solutions. These can be combined with Geotab’s systems to create an even more comprehensive breakdown of the vehicle’s vital statistics.

The previous generation G06 (pictured) was well received.

The previous generation G06 (pictured) was well received.

However simply because the GO7 can be heavily customised, doesn’t mean it needs to be. Fleet managers that would rather stick with the stock options can simply plug the device in and begin tracking, as it’s entirely “plug and play.” It even packs internal antennas, so remains small form factor despite its impressive tracking capabilities. These factors mean installation is also cheap and simple, keeping costs down at the initial point of purchase.

Geotab goes so far in its release to suggest that this could well be the most comprehensive telematics solution in the world. Others tend to agree and several have come forward with testimonials to state as such:

Jim Labudde, Fleet supervisor at Entergy said: “We’ve installed Geotab’s newest GO device within our fleet and we’re excited to see the new features. The GO7 device is fast and easy to install and is providing us with a cost-effective solution while enhancing our fleet’s productivity and safety.”

GeoTab’s own Neil Cawse, said of the release: “Our goal is to provide the most advanced and efficient telematics solution in the industry. Together with our MyGeotab software, the all-new GO7 device allows us to provide our customers with the most sophisticated end-to-end fleet management solution on an industry leading platform – providing great productivity enhancements, safety features and cost-savings to our fleet customers.”

However as fully featured as GeoTab’s new offering is, it’s going to have to impress to try and steal TomTom’s thunder. While its packages might not be quite so fully featured, it’s been drawing in customers by the thousands over the past six months, leading to it breaching the 400,000 tracked vehicle threshold earlier this year.


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