Girls Drive Better Review : Girls Drive Better

Aimed squarely at new female drivers, ‘Girls Drive Better’ have been around long enough to build a respectable following among their target audience.

While they do offer traditional insurance policies (and actually males can take out policies with them too), they have a great deal of experience with telematics and black box car insurance. With female car insurance there are many things to consider especially with companies like ‘Girls Drive Better’  and Diamond car insurance. Most will want very cheap car insurance but sometimes that’s not what you should first consider when obtaining car insurance quotes.

The hardware

The discreet magic  box at the heart of Girls Drive Better (or GDB as they are affectionately known)  is an Ingenium Dynamics device and it’s data is available to view by logging into your online portal. By monitoring and reporting on a range of measurements such as speed, braking force etc the box is not only used to dictate the level of your premium, but can be a great way for new drivers to learn by their mistakes. Especially with real-time feedback available not only through the website portal, but via the GDB mobile app too – more about that later.

Lots of Extras

One of the first things you will notice about the telematics available at GDB is the generous offering of policy extras. These include £300 handbag & contents cover, £100k legal expenses and a key repatriation service – all at no extra cost. For minimal fees there are also further extras available such as Roadside Relay and Miss-Fuelling cover (this can be a costly mistake to make!).

Try Before You Buy

This is something which is becoming commonplace amongst insurance providers of this type, but GDB appear to make a particularly good job of it. You can download their mobile app for free (although it looks to be iPhone only at the time of writing), and literally try before you buy. This should provide a great introduction to the unfamiliar world of telematics. Female car insurance can be very cheap car insurance and you should definitely consider companies such as diamond car insurance as well as ‘Girls Drive Better’ .

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Key Points Of This Policy

Legal protection & Uninsured loss Recovery included.

Handbag and contents cover included.

24/7 access to your data via a secure online portal.

Try before you buy via their free iPhone app.

Charges and Fees


New policy inception.


Mid Term Amendments.


Duplicate Documents (per request)..


Failure to attend device installation appointment.


Removal of telematics box.



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