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Telematics.com Review : Hastings Smart Miles Black Box Insurance

Hastings Smart miles is an arm of the car insurer Hastings Direct.  Their policy is located at the wordy hastingsdirectsmartmiles.com and boasts that people can save up to a third over their conventional car insurance product located at hastingsdirect.com. It is tagged as “the car insurance that treats you as an individual and is targeted towards younger drivers but you can apply at any age. As with any Hastings smartmiles review you’ll want to check out details on Hastings smart miles breakdown cover and hastings smart miles terms and conditions so you can know all the facts.

With Smart Miles, a telematics box is fitted into your car, as is the case at the moment with most products of this type. The box tracks your driving habits and starts to build a profile of your overall driving ability and attitude to safety. They use 50 satellites with their box meaning that you are tracked by satellite pretty much wherever you drive. All the data about your driving is uploaded to a private login where you can view it anytime, you can also drive abroad with this policy should you need to.

About the Box

The box can be easily installed and it is best to make sure your car is compatible as a few makes of Mini are not at the time of writing. The box will not be visible to you and will be fitted by a trained fitter who comes to you at a time of your choice. Should you have any issues with your box, 9 out of 10 times they can be resolved remotely without the need for someone to visit you.

Your data is completely secure as with all these telematics policies and will only be used to measure your driving and will not be shared with any third parties. The box comes with theft tracking as standard making your car more recoverable should it be stolen.

Pricing your policy and costs

Because you are agreeing to have a box fitted to your car it is assumed that you will be amongst the safer drivers. As such, Hastings Direct Smart Miles will give you a discount that assumes you are an “averagely safe” driver. This 50% rating can go up or down once you have been driving for a while with your new box fitted and your premiums will be adjusted accordingly. There are no curfews as there are with some other policies so you are free to drive at night. That said, driving a lot at night may lead to an increase in your driver rating and overall premium due to increased risk. You are free to cancel your policy at any time and there is no charge to deactivate the box if you don’t mind leaving it in your car. So with the Hastings smart miles box you are also to initiate a Hastings smart miles cancellation.

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Key Points Of This Policy

No curfew.

You are given a safe driver discount up front.

You can drive up to 10,000 miles with this policy.

Open to older drivers too.

Charges and Fees


SmartMiles Box installation fee.


Missed installation appointment.


Change of vehicle.


Amendments/Changes to your policy.


Removal of SmartMiles box (at your request).



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