How Telematics Will Transform In-Car Entertainment (Infotainment)

The future of in-car entertainment is blindingly bright. Yes it’s clear, soon the inside of our cars will resemble something quite close to a science fiction movie or even better yet Knight Rider (remember KITT?)! There’s plenty of new developments on the rise, but none are more exciting than telematics. This is really a time where explosive things in the field are going to start going down and things will never be the same again. Interested in how telematics will transform in-car entertainment? Read on and find out!

Redefining What a Car Is?

The goal of the masterminds and tech gurus behind telematics are if anything, very, very high. How high? How about redefining what a car is completely. With this fact in mind, it’s not unrealistic to expect in-car entertainment to become a total sensory experience within the next year or two. Working out the kinks and safety issues are really the only “x” factor. So while it’s unlikely you’ll see things like Angry Birds games being played or YouTube videos streaming while driving you will have many, many safe options available. Expect them to be totally customizable too. Thinks app stores for your car and you are absolutely correct. This is totally where the industry is headed: cutting edge, connected and safe.

Much of this will be working off of big advances expected in voice to text accuracy which opens the door to safe Facebook and Twitter social media activity. Along with voice response “computer assistant” style apps which will be able to do everything from order takeout, to book reservations and more telematics will be socially connecting cars to the point where thinking of them simply as a mode of transportation will likely vanish fast.. Expect Yelp!, Open Table, Urban Spoon and similar focused sites to be well represented along with the usual social media suspects.. Without a doubt new faces will appear to fill the needs of the new tech savvy and app hungry in-car entertainment enthusiasts as well. And the safe bet is that there will be a great many of these enthusiasts. The desire is there for a connected driving experience and now that the technology has caught up big changes are going to happen fast.

Expect Many Options

The days of the consumer being okay with just something like Pandora being offered are behind us. In fact reading the thoughts of car industry insiders we can expect a huge amount of options in telematics. The more the better. One expert,Anna Buettner, a senior analyst in infotainment and automotive issues, said recently the big car companies are prepared to offer ten different satellite radio apps to give the customer choice and win over their brand loyalty. It’s clear they’ve learned their lesson from Apple and others who have won over the masses in the tech industry. Individual choice is hip and hip is key to selling cars to the generation Y.

This is a win for in-car entertainment lovers. How could it not be? Getting to pick and choose and have your in-car entertainment meet your own wants and needs is really a dream come true. No more picking from a small list of options. This is a big, big change which will shake up the industry.

In-car Entertainment a New Focus

Expect in-car entertainment to become, by far, the emphasis of telematics developers as they switch their focus from things like security and navigation as consumers expectations continue to move towards entertainment. This means more research and development funds being spent and new products coming to the market quickly. The much talked about 18 month life span of new tech is being incorporated into car design with removable mother boards and other panels making it an easy switch to keep the automobile lifespan and the tech lifespan working with each other rather than against each other. This means we can expect new in-car entertainment coming at us fast and another powerful force promising the complete transformation of the driving experience. Telematics is the future without a doubt.

It’s hard not to smile if you’re a car enthusiast after taking a look at how telematics will transform in-car entertainment. The next year is going to offer the start of the transformation. In five years expect the average driving experience to be a in-car entertainment paradise. Stay tuned for more telematic news. It will, without a doubt, keep coming fast!

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