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Telematics.com Review : iKube Black Box Insurance

iKube are a well-established insurance company that tailors their services specifically to the under 25s. They offer various products, aimed at both the learner driver and those that have passed their test, but they all centre on the iKube black box insurance technology. This telematics insurance system enables iKube to evaluate a young person’s driving style on a regular basis and offer discounts for safe driving.

The iKube system is one of the oldest and most popular telematics insurance devices on the market, but this has probably more to do with the way iKube connect to young people through social media and tailor that entire product line for the 17-25 age range. They also offer substantial discounts for policyholders signing up to curfews, who agree not to take the car out at the most risky times of night. iKube insurance reviews show iKube as being preferred for provisional insurance and learner insurance.

iKube telematics insurance

Dubbed the “digital buddy,” the iKube system sits inside the car, but doesn’t interfere with any of the mechanics or electronics of the vehicle. However, with this black box insurance system installed, young drivers are able to get discounts in two ways. Firstly, thanks to the iKube’s GPS system, a young person who doesn’t drive during the “red hours,” which is after 11 o’clock at night until five in the morning, can earn a 25 percent discount on their policy. This is because more accidents happen during this time with people under 25, than at any other time of the day. iKube are a popular insurer for temporary car insurance for under 25’s.

Secondly, the iKube is a fully functioning telematics insurance system. In other words, it records the young driver’s speed and driving style on different types of road, the types of road the driver regularly uses and the amount of miles the car is driven. With this data, iKube can work out how safe the driver is, which enables them to offer discounts on the next year’s premium. However, this does mean to fully take advantage of iKube, a driver needs to be locked into the programme for at least two years.

Black box insurance

The biggest downside to the iKube system is that while a young person can earn a fairly large discount for having the system fitted (and agreeing not to drive after 11pm), it isn’t until the second year that the data on how safe the young person actually drives is taken into account. This means the safe driver discount won’t be available in the first year, unlike some other pay-as-you-drive black box insurance systems that make adjustments every few months.

However, iKube do have a rather fluid approach to telematics insurance. For instance, while they insist on the nighttime curfew for all young drivers with an iKube fitted, nearly half of these have this nighttime restriction lifted in the second year, depending on how safely they have been deemed to drive. In addition, nearly 75 percent of young drivers are offered a big discount on their next year premium. This is most likely due to the online dashboard that allows a driver to see the data for themselves and work out where they need to make improvements, which is a great way to encourage safer driving. With the iKube tracker it proves to be a popular choice for car insurance for learner drivers.

For further information on iKube services please call 0844 346 3844 or 01443 420679

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Key Points Of This Policy

Get a safer driving discount of up to 25%

A further 40% discount(if you then go onto renew with iKube).

Add your parents and/or grandparents as named drivers for FREE.

Inclusive vehicle breakdown cover as standard.

Keep it simple – one fixed annual fee or monthly price.

Charges and Fees


Extra charge for a named young driver driving between 11pm – 5am.


New policy inception.


First Year: GPS Box, installation and annual monitoring.


Subsequent Years: Annual monitoring.


Change of vehicle box transfer cost.



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