Review : Insure the Box Telematics Insurance

Insure the Box claims to be the UK’s leading telematics insurance company, and with discounts of up to £800 available, you can see why. In addition, compared to other telematics insurance companies, Insure the Box, don’t have any strict curfews or penalties. Indeed, their black box insurance is unique in several regards, the main one being their use of mileage as a means of rewarding safer driving. There are many insure the box reviews like our own here which should be useful if you are looking for a insure the box quote.

As with other telematics insurance policies, Insure the Box is tailored towards young and inexperienced drivers who have to face exorbitant car insurance premiums, which in some cases means spending more on insurance than the actual value of the car. However, by having the telematics insurance black box fitted inside their car, young drivers can drastically lower their premium. However, with Insure the Box, there is a unique stipulation.

Mileage-based black box insurance

With Insure the box, policyholders have to choose either 6,000 mile-a-year or 8,000 mile-a-year policies. Obviously, the higher mileage policy is going to be more expensive, but the policies don’t have to be as restrictive as they sound, because once the policy has been taken out, a young driver can buy additional miles online if they think they are going to exceed their annual limit. In addition, Insure the Box is unique in the telematics insurance world in that rather than offer financial rewards for safer driving or penalties for unsafe driving, policyholders earn additional miles.

The in-car black box insurance system from Insure the Box measures the usual safe driving parameters, such as speed, acceleration, what time you drive and how far you go, and with this data, Insure the Box rewards safe driving with up to 100 bonus miles each month. This means, even if you have taken out the 6,000 miles per year policy, you can still drive up to 7,200 miles with a good, safe driving record. In addition, as with other telematics insurance policies, when it comes to renew, you will get a cheaper policy depending on your previous year’s record.

Leading telematics insurance

With most of the competition in the black box insurance market placing strict curfews on young drivers and having fines and penalties for less safe driving records, this mileage reward scheme by Insure the Box is more of a carrot than stick approach, which is possibly why they are so popular. In addition to being able to top up miles and earn bonus miles for safe driving, the company also offers reward miles for shopping at certain top-name partner vendors, who sell everything from music to clothes. This has turned earning additional miles into a unique loyalty card scheme.

In addition to their basic insurance service, Insure the Box also offers a courtesy car service, has a 24-hour claims helpline and the black box insurance system acts as in-car tracker in case the car is stolen. Unless you are a young person that has higher than average annual mileage, Insure the Box is one of the least restrictive telematics insurance schemes available, and their mileage reward scheme is both fun and unique. Insure the box claims and insure the box breakdown cover can be monitored via the insure the box portal.

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Key Points Of This Policy
A fair premium fixed for the year with no curfews and no fines.
Theft tracking device to help find your car if it’s stolen.
Accident Alert to help keep you on the road and safe after an accident.
Safe driving rewarded – customers earn an average 63 Bonus Miles a month.
Dedicated UK Claims Line available 24/7.
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