Insurer offers bikers cheaper car insurance

Bikers aren’t normally given much leeway by the general public. They’re often seen as a nuisance, as they have the potential to sneak up on you without being noticed. They also weave between traffic which can be unnerving and frustrating as you watch them sail off into the distance while you’re stuck queuing. However that’s not what insurance firm Carole Nash thinks. In-fact, it thinks that far from being reckless or infuriating, bikers make the best drivers, which is why it’s launching an insurance package that gives people a discount if they also ride a bike.

The policy is called Bikers Only and is based on a study conducted by Carole Nash that showed that those that also ride motorbikes, were better at judging safe distances, especially during rainy conditions and were also better at recognising road signs. Overall, Nash found that they were more alert on the road and were therefore much less likely to get into an accident. The reasoning for this, it said, was that bikers were much more vulnerable on the road and therefore are more aware of potential hazards from other road users and are more likely to avoid them.


Because of this, Carole Nash is now promising to beat any car insurance quote for bikers. In order to be eligible, all you need to do is have a motorbike license and fit within the age range. Unfortunately, this isn’t a policy that is designed with young drivers in mind. Only those aged between 35 and 75 may apply. You don’t need to have bike insurance or even own a bike however, you just need to have passed you test.

Rebecca Donohue, head of marketing for Carole Nash, said: “One of the reasons motorcyclists score so highly is they have to have their wits about them at all times.

“It’s an exhilarating way to travel but it can also be dangerous unless you are aware of everything around you and the rules of the road.”

This wasn’t news to head of safety and training at the Motorcycle Industry Association, Karen Cole, who also noted that this added to a large body of evidence that suggests motorbike riders are some of the safest road users, whether in a car or on the back of their bike.

Do you guys think this is true? Bike accidents aren’t exactly uncommon, but of course that is likely to be the fault of the car driver not seeing them more than anything.

Image source: Marco Velez

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