Intelligent Telematics expands with new managerial staff

Tracking and sensor experts, Intelligent Telematics, has announced an expansion of its managerial staff, to help handle the company’s growth in the UK and surrounding markets. The two new hirees are Errin McNamee and Scott Humphrey who will be taking on the roles of groups installations manager and group operations manager respectively.

Despite the telematics industry being a relatively fresh one, at least in its current iteration, both men have a lot of experience in relevant industries. Mcnamee has over 20 years experience in the mobile technology and telecommunications industry, where he’s taken on managerial and overseer duties at large corporations where huge installation networks require maintenance and management. He also has experience dealing with customers at the sale end of the business, which should keep his own business dealings focused on improving the experience for the consumer.

Humphrey has a similarly strong background, and will be specifically handling the UK side of Intelligent Telematics’ expansion. He has plenty of experience dealing with complex systems and in dealing with international organisations. He’ll be responsible for liaising between the British and European markets, including managing the continued expansion of the UK offices. With plenty of experience in IT, vehicle security and insurance, Humphrey brings a very specific and much needed skillset to the telematics business.


Sam Footer, head of international business and strategic development at Intelligent Telematics commented: “These latest appointments are part of our ongoing strategy to establish a global infrastructure to support our leading range of in-vehicle camera solutions. We are bringing together a team of industry experts form the telematics, camera and insurance industries to deliver unrivalled levels of quality, service and support to our customers.”

About Intelligent Telematics

Intelligent Telematics is a global provider of telematics systems, combining GPS tracking, with local cameras and sensor technology to give a robust view of what any connected vehicle is doing at any particular time. This can help improve driver awareness, increase safety for other road users, reduce insurance premiums and cut back on driver accidents.

It also works closely with CTrack and ISOTRAK businesses, both of which source specific elements of the Intellitent Telematics package. The former has over 3,000 customers in the UK alone, while the latter supports over 45,000 domestic vehicles for companies like Tesco, Asda, Marks and Spencer and many more. Both are firmly rooted in the British Telematics scene and continue to grow along with Intelligent Telematics.

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