Intelligent Telematics launches telematics install service

Having a little trouble implementing telematics? Struggling to install the hardware yourself, or not sure of the best way to set it all up? Don’t fret, as it’s not that uncommon for those using the tracking technology for the first time. However, Intelligent Telematics is set to help, with its new installation and support service, which is designed to help you put your best foot forward and get up and running with telematics in as quick and easy a process as possible.

The new service is termed “Intelligent Installations,” and will help handle not only the initial set up and installation, but also ongoing support to make sure that over the long term you’re able to wring all the benefits from the platform. Intelligent Telematics has pledged to work with enterprises to focus on specific aspects of it too if that’s their interest. If fuel economy is of utmost important, or improving efficiency of the workforce, Intelligent Telematics will help implement a system that best optimises that.

Intelligent Installation has also said it plans to work with leading organisations in the UK like mobile networks and vehicle leasing companies, to help improve the overall fleet telematics marketplace. These are lofty goals, but Intelligent Telematics has in the past showed itself to be a versatile and innovative company, giving it a good platform to springboard off of.

The new venture will also be based out of the company’s headquarters in Whyteleafe, Surrey, though will station a number of regional specialists around the country who can bring local knowledge and expertise to each case. Telematics can be affected by all sorts of things, including mobile signal, accessibility and available support systems, so it’s important to take into consideration these sorts of local concerns when tackling the technology’s implementation.

Errin McNamee, the first head of Intelligent Installations said: “We are committed to developing a highly effective installation and support solution that will enable our customers to provide a seamless service from start to finish. Using our unrivalled experience within the marketplace, we will be suitable for all fleet and vehicle aftermarket technology including cameras, tracking, audio visual, alarms, reversing sensors, sat nav and hands-free equipment.”

McNamee was chosen for the job due to his extensive experience in the supply and installation of in-vehicle aftermarket technology with a career spanning over 20 years. In that time he’s been part of several different aspects of the business, including support, technical and business development roles, as well as management positions, so he knows how to work most of the important positions, as well as how to manage a team of people working under him. As FleetWorld explains, he also has a lot of experience working with commercial fleets and implementing multi-camera systems for the fleet and rail sectors, so he has been at the forefront of many technological implementations for a long time.

Intelligent Telematics is perhaps more well known for its cameras, which have been used to catch all sorts of crimes in action, including to help drivers avoid insurance fraud scams. In the footage above, a driver of an HGV was able to gather evidence against a potential claimant though fortunately an accident was avoided at the last second.

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