Intelligent Telematics opens international HQ

Intelligent Telematics is perhaps most well known for its 3G enabled cameras, which when combined with traditional telematics offer a very detailed break down of ‘events’ that happen such as accidents and aggressive driving and can go a long way to cutting down on insurance fraud, as well as all of the other things that telematics tracking can alleviate like fuel costs and vehicle wear.

Despite its success with this system though, Intelligent Telematics has – until now – been quite a household name in its local country, but no more. Now it’s expanding internationally and will be opening four new offices around the world. The countries where it’s setting up shop in include Croatia, South Africa, the USA and United Arab Emirates and there are big plans for the company to begin engaging with local companies to help expand the coverage of telematics and improve the general safety on roads in those nations.

Craig Lovell, operations director at the new Intelligent Telematics South African offices said in a statement: “South Africa is an established market for telematics systems, but 3G vehicle cameras are still an emerging technology. We are already seeing strong demand from a wide range of fleet businesses and with our new operation we are in an excellent position to take advantage of the opportunities that exist. As result, we have already secured a number of deals and expect rapid growth moving forward.”


Indeed, part of this move is Intelligent Telematics branching out into countries with well established telematics presences. However, in countries like Croatia, where it’s much less well known about, the firm wants to become the pioneering technology partner for fleets in those countries and on top of that, it can increase its coverage for existing fleets that travel internationally. They now know that an Intelligent Telematics professional isn’t too far away if they have concerns or need to quickly access recorded data.

Sam Footer, head of international business and strategic development at Intelligent Telematics said of the announcement: “The demand we have seen for the IT1000 3G vehicle camera over the past 12 months has demonstrated the value it can provide to the fleet and road transport sectors. By building our international presence we will expand our global reach, so we can provide advanced technology solutions with unrivalled levels of service across all our target markets.”

What will be interesting to see moving forward, is whether Intelligent Telematics uses this opportunity to build its product and service base along with its coverage, or whether it will continue to focus on its 3G camera system.

What do you think will be its next move?


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