inthinc Launches New Behavior Based Driver Improvement Program for Small Fleets

Fleets of All Sizes Can Now Experience Driving Safety Telematics – Risk Free!

SALT LAKE CITY — August 11, 2015 — inthinc Technology Solutions Inc., a global telematics solutions provider offering solutions focused on driver safety, efficiency, and compliance, today announced that it is offering a new program centered on fleets of all types and sizes. Managers of small fleets are now able to experience the same safe-driving technology utilized by larger world-class and Fortune 500 companies to safeguard their drivers and improve fleet efficiency.

“With this new program we are now able to offer smaller fleets the same technology our larger customers have been using for years,” said John Henry, VP of Sales – Enterprise Services, inthinc. “World-class companies use our solution because of its ability to coach drivers to safer driving behaviors, which in turn reduces overall fleet operating costs.”

Smaller fleets experience many of the same obstacles larger fleets do, but they often lack the tools and resources that larger fleets use to combat these issues. No matter the size of the fleet, the end goal is always the same – provide fleet managers the tools needed to improve efficiencies and safeguard their drivers.

Regardless of fleet size, fleet managers have access to inthinc’s custom web portal where they can view reports, monitor driving performance, and access safety and efficiency data. Utilizing a series of dashboards and scheduled reports, they can quickly and easily identify operators exhibiting risky driving behaviors as well as those with good driving habits. The Portal empowers fleet managers through real-time data and customizable reports, helping them minimize the amount spent on a daily basis to track driver’s behaviors.

The inthinc solution is focused on driver safety, operational efficiency and compliance for all fleets. “Our technology and services are designed to enhance overall fleet performance by providing real-time fleet intelligence to managers and in-vehicle verbal coaching to drivers,” explained Todd W. Follmer, CEO, inthinc.

The inthinc solution has been documented to reduce speeding by 86 percent, aggressive driving by 89 percent, accident rates by more than 80 percent, and increase seat belt use by 88 percent.

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inthinc is a global company centered on telematics, fleet solutions and driving safety. Its breakthrough driving safety solutions are designed to safeguard lives, save money and protect the environment. inthinc technology dramatically improves driver behavior and has been documented to reduce accidents by more than 80 percent. For more information, please visit

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    inthinc is a global telematics solutions provider offering solutions focused on driver safety, efficiency, and compliance.

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