iOS 8.3 brings wireless CarPlay support

The latest version of iOS has arrived and it’s brought with it a number of changes for iPhone users, but perhaps the most interesting for us here at is that it’s finally enabled wireless support for CarPlay systems, which means owners no longer need to whip out a Lighting cable every time they want to connect to the new infotainment system.

While early adopters might have been able to get their hands on Apple’s 8.3 iOS update before now, this weekend saw its official unveiling, bringing with it new additions like an expanded library of emojis. There are over 300 in the new update, including ones with various skin colours so people more included, as well as affectionate images between different genders, thereby voicing a bit of support for same sex relationships. That’s not too surprising though, considering the company’s CEO Tim Cook, recently announced his own homosexuality.


Other additions include a few bug fixes for those suffering from issues with connectivity on local WiFi networks, and improved iCloud Photo Library which lets you edit images on your phone, as well as access your entire collection from your MAC and handset.

As we said at the start of this piece though, the big addition for us is the improvement to CarPlay which now makes it possible to control the advanced infotainment and navigation system with your iPhone without resorting to a cable connection. While it’s unlikely that this feature alone will suddenly have people flocking to buy the rather expensive head units, it is a feature that’s been heavily requested by the community so will at least make it a more attractive platform for those considering taking the plunge.

Wireless access will also make it that bit easier to use some of the platform’s more popular applications, including Spotify, audiobooks, Stitcher, Beats Music and Rdio, all of which are vying for the attention of your ears (and your wallet).

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