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  • Call Centers
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  • Proximity Marketing / Transaction Verification
  • Transportation
  • Mobile Resource Management / Asset Tracking
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Vehicle Dispatch & Monitoring

"LocationSmart’s direct carrier connections allow accurate location determination to over 400 million subscribers nationwide"

While traditional fleet telematics systems have typically been used to track independent drivers and truck loads, real-time location can also be determined from driver’s existing devices with no need to deploy special equipment or incur high monthly costs.

LocationSmart uses real-time location from both mobile and landline devices to confirm the whereabouts and estimated arrival time of independent drivers and employees, without the distraction of check calls. Drivers comply with hands-free laws and focus on making it to the destination safely, while dispatchers validate progress in real-time or on a schedule. Integrated two-way messaging allows for easy additional status updates and job alerts to and from the road.

LocationSmart’s direct carrier connections allow accurate location determination to over 400 million subscribers nationwide. The platform leverages existing devices to monitor driver and vehicle location while providing a faster return on investment.


"Two-way communications and automated messaging provide members with real-time updates"

Mobile device location can be leveraged to accurately locate stranded motorists in emergency situations and send alerts to let the driver know the ETA of the service provider. LocationSmart enhances the services offered by roadside assistance providers with real-time mobile phone location and interactivity to efficiently locate distressed drivers while reducing call times and boosting user satisfaction.

LocationSmart delivers secure, on-demand location intelligence to enable roadside assistance providers to efficiently locate stranded motorists and deliver invaluable service to members in distressed situations. Through direct network connections, LocationSmart’s platform can locate the subscriber’s phone, with no application required on the device or cost to the end user. Two-way communications and automated messaging provide members with real-time updates to acknowledge that help is on the way. The result is an improved operational flow with increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

LocationSmart provides location determination, effectively manages user privacy consent and enables IVR and SMS communications all in one platform. This enables roadside service companies to obtain precise device location for callers who are unsure of or cannot describe their location, minimizes call times and abandonment rates, enables operational efficiencies and streamlined dispatch process, and improves member loyalty with fast service and updates on arrival times.

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