MiX telematics hires on new senior VP of global sales

MiX Telematics, the global provider of telematics software-as-a-service (SaaS) to over 120 countries around the world, has just announced that it’s taken on a new senior vice president of global sales, by the name of Ken Jackson, who previously worked at Austrian based UC4 Software. 

Bringing with him over 27 years experience of technology sales and management, Jackson is expected to provide a strong leadership role for the company, as well as increase its profitability. In previous roles he was credited with improving overall revenue by 22 per cent year on year (on average). He also lays claim to developing some of the sales practices now common place in the industry, helping to bring in high profile customers like Nike, ADP and Cardinal health. He’s also worked at ASG Software Solutions, where his management skills saw the company expand to over three times its original size.

In short, Ken is a strong hire.

Current Chief Executive Officer of MiX Telematics, Stefan Joselowitz, certainly seems to think so.“I am very excited to have landed Ken for this new global role,” he said. “Ken brings tremendous experience running global sales efforts including aligning sales execution with strategy. We look forward to his contributions in leveraging our success in vertical markets to new regions and opening new geographies as well.”

Jackson himself was pretty pleased with the news as you might expect. Being head hunted by a company of this size no doubt means a hefty pay packet and a host of new challenges for the long time executive. “MiX Telematics has a world-class reputation for excellence delivering cloud-based fleet management solutions and has enjoyed an increase in visibility over the past couple of years,” he said. “It is exactly the right time to begin capitalizing on this hard work with a more systematic global effort, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the opportunity to roll up my sleeves and contribute.”

Mix provides software as a service telematics to fleets around the world, helping them save money on their insurance, fuel costs and vehicle maintenance, as well as keep track of what their drivers are up to on a day to day basis. The big service it’s pushing at the moment is called MiX Datatrak, which for around £18 a month (per vehicle), you can have the hardware and software required installed for you, offering some specific UK market metrics, right alongside the rest of the telematic features.


Datatrak offers 24/7 tracking, with real time alerts about certain status changes such as doors opening or if it stops for some unknown reason. Trips can be mapped out in real time, or replayed later so that routes can be calculated or improved for increased savings, or you can give you drivers a bit more freedom and just ensure they don’t leave their designated area – if they do, you’ll get an alert about it.

About MiX Telematics

While UK centric, MiX Telematics has built itself into one of the world’s biggest tracking service companies. With over 450,000 vehicles being monitored, across 120 countries in six different continents, it has built up a large network of companies it works with. In total over 130 fleet partners deal with MiX telematics worldwide, all of which liaise with some of the 1,000 strong MiX employees that help develope, maintain and innovate the software and hardware systems that MiX offers.

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