MiX telematics hits half million subscriber mark

It was only a few days ago that as part of its annual report, MiX Telematics announced that it had  grown its subscriber base to an impressive 495,000 vehicles, so it’s no surprise that it didn’t take long for the next big milestone to be reached: half a million. Yesterday MiX made the announcement that it had made it to the impressive figure and was looking forward to the next half million cars and trucks.

This makes MiX one of the biggest telematics providers in the world, riding just ahead of TomTom Telematics, which recently announced its own big milestone of 400,000 vehicles tracked across Europe. Despite its continent spanning developments though, TomTom doesn’t quite match up to MiX’s global presence according to the company’s CEO, Stefan Joselowitz.

“MiX Telematics remains the only provider that has effectively scaled global operations, delivering ongoing value to customers around the world,” he said. However, he did go on to iterate that MiX wouldn’t be stopping there and that the company wasn’t just about building the most numbers of customers, it also wants to deliver the best telematics service as well.

“While we’re excited about reaching this milestone, we are more committed than ever to delivering premium products and services to our valued customers,” he continued.

However as focused on the product as MiX is, Joelowitz is right, the company’s international presence is what’s really helping it expand its subscriber base. In 2014, MiX saw a big increase in the uptake of its telematics hardware and software in international territories like South America and sub-saharan Africa. On top of that, a lot of subscribers have been attracted by the company’s newly revamped software packages, which many current customers are in the process of switching over too.

Joselowitz doesn’t want existing subscribers to think that they don’t matter as much. “Relationships are a core value of our business,” he said. “And I want to thank our loyal customers, suppliers and staff for their role in our success.”

In the future, MiX plans to focus on increasing the number of applicable vehicles that its hardware can operate in, delivering more to its customers than just your standard tracking and driver profiling. Through diagnostics tracking as well, MiX hopes to provide a more in-depth service to customers, letting them keep an eye on all aspects of vehicles which can prevent costly breakdowns due to part failures.

About MiX Telematics

MiX Telematics is a European based, global provider of telematics tracking and navigation hardware and software, all of which is powered behind the scenes by comprehensive fleet tracking software. Throughout it’s company history, MiX has worked with transport companies, haulage firms, couriers and the general public, providing unique packages for each, as part of its more unified telematics offerings.


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