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  • Cashback avaiable for a limited time
  • Potential discount on your car insurance
  • Uses your phone's inbuilt GPS
  • Can track your journeys in any car
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With telematics/black box insurance becoming the BIG thing in car insurance, with benefits from lower insurance premiums if you drive safe and responsibly and greener driving with lower emissions.

Motormate driving app by tests your driving style and in return can get huge discounts on your car insurance.

Motormate works by using your smartphones built in GPS, once you press the start button the app tracks your journey and gives you feedback on your trip, the app reviews your driving style and awards you 1st 2nd or 3rd medals for each trip, taking into consideration harsh braking, speeding and rapid acceleration. Once 250 miles has been driven your score will be calculated, with scorings compared to the driving behaviour of a gold standard ROSPA driver.

The score is out of 100, and the higher the score the greater the discount you could receive off your car insurance.

My Experience

"It was very easy to download onto my iPhone, and easy to set up"

So I’ve downloaded motormate by I think I’m quite a good driver( my dad might disagree after some dodgy reverse parking and too many hard revs on copious driving lessons) but after 13 years of driving I think I’ve got the hang of it.

Starting off with the app, it was very easy to download onto my iPhone, and easy to set up with just a few sign up questions then I was ready to go. It’s quite monotonous clocking up 100s of miles when your just doing the school run but after I’d driven a few trips I was starting to get 1st and 2nd. I was driving ok, I’m not exactly a racing driver but sometimes before the app i would check the dial and see I’m going a few miles faster than I should be, or get a little agitated behind the 1000th old Sunday driver, but the app was making me drive better, checking my speed more, braking sooner and softer, and generally being more aware of my driving.

My first few trips were only 5 miles each but i received gold 1st medals with feedback of ‘excellent driving, well done!keep this up by continuing to drive smoothly’ , this feedback gave me confidence and determination to continue driving to a higher standard. I received a 3rd place medal for a trip of 0.1 miles, now my car isn’t a race car and cant do 0-60 in 5 seconds, and i cant imagine what id done wrong in 0.1 miles to get such a bad score. According to the FAQ’s on they like to see continuity on your trips so it shows your diligently recording your trips and not just picking trips you think you will score good marks. So you will be marked down if you chose to do this.

"I finally finished my 250 miles with a 'marvellous motorist' label"

It was going to take forever to get to 250 miles just driving around town and to school and back, so the weekend came and a friend and myself were due to see a girlfriend from school who has moved away, a Thelma and Louise road trip without the Great drama and Grand Canyon.

This was trip 5 on my log- for which I received a 2nd. Personally I blame the map reader, or maybe too much talking and not wanting to miss our junction on the motorway, made us nearly miss our junction! Which is the reason for the Low anticipation, also the app clocked my excessive speed and told me to avoid heavy breaking. The same 60 miles on the way home was again a 2nd place but without the low anticipation and excessive speeding.

Trips6-12 were a mix of 1st and 2nd place scores, i think my driving style is getting much better and i am very much aware of how i was driving before the app, and where it needs improvement.

I finally finished my 250 miles with a ‘marvellous motorist’ label from, but a sad score of 63 (i wished/hoped it would be better) My score is apparently above average, compared to a ROSPA advanced driver with a score of 80+, and say my journeys are well driven, of mostly smooth and consistent manoeuvres, and good levels of speed awareness (just not trip5).

I got a score of 53 for my smoothness, saying im on occasion prone to harsh breaking and acceleration – this is true, im impatient and want to be in places asap, and get frustrated with other drivers.

For pace i got a great score of 98, and praise for choosing the appropriate speed in relation tooth roads in driving on.

The app has made me very aware of how comfortable we get in our little driving habits and nonchalant about the speed slowly creeping up on the dial, im going to take up on the £100 saving on my car insurance and become a better driver. (but maybe not answer the phone for a while-i should of ticked that box!!)

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