MySafeDrive to offer lower cost entry telematics

One of the biggest hurdles for fleet managers looking to employ telematics with their vehicles, is that it can be somewhat costly to outfit every one of them with hardware and software suites, potentially employing someone to monitor and analyse the data or outsourcing. It all adds up. Which is why MySafeDrive is hoping to “shake up the market,” by offering a new low-cost, entry level solution that should help businesses around the world take advantage of the benefits offered by telematics systems, with a much more driver focused way of doing things.

Headed by the eDrive group and shown off at the recent CV Show, MySafeDrive is supposed to be the first system to offer near immediate savings which help offset the reduced cost of installation. While it’s not going to be a 1:1 conversion right out of the gate, eDrive is confident that fleet managers will see the benefits early on.

While it’s partner list hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, eDrive group has said it’s confident that a large body of motoring groups and telematics system producers, will help bring costs down and provide a wide range of features for new customers.

Mervyn O’Callaghan, managing director at eDrive Group, said (via FleetWorld) : “We are very excited about the new product that we believe will shake up the on-board telematics market and have a dramatic impact on improving driver behaviour.  MySafeDrive actively encourages drivers to operate their vehicles safely and economically through empowerment rather than enforcement. Unlike other systems, each driver will have direct access to their own statistics and data via a personal on-line dashboard, so they can see exactly how well they are driving, without feeling that ‘big brother’ is watching over their shoulder.”

The above described system, where drivers are given the option to look at their own produced data and are therefore encourage to improve based on reviewing themselves, is a much more individual focused way of handling telematics. Most other systems rely on a central manager viewing data and either cajoling or disciplining drivers into behaving more on their journeys. However, with a system that allows the drivers themselves access to statistics and data, they can improve their routes and time management, as well as curb any bad driving habits they weren’t aware of. Combined with management offered incentives, this could potentially be far more effective than traditional methods of telematics implementation.

‘We believe that MySafeDrive will enhance the pride and professionalism of drivers and also put the fun back into driving, as in-built features such as personalised scoring will challenge themselves and others on how well they can drive the vehicle, from safety through to sustainability,” O’Callaghan continued.

He also suggested a list of specific benefits that the new eDrive MySafeDrive system could offer drivers and by extension, fleet managers. These included:

  • In-depth statistics on individual vehicles and the fleet as a whole
  • Giving drivers as much information as managers, empowering them to improve on their own
  • Servicing cost reduction through better use of more efficient and readily available vehicles
  • Reduction in general wear of the vehicles in respect to replaceable hardware like tyres and breaksedrive2
  • Fuel bill reductions, which with the expected price rises over the next few years, could be a big selling point
  • The ability to offer drivers inventives based on performance, which they themselves can track.
  • A lower reliance on third parties for data analysis

While drivers may need to be trained to interpret the data they collect on themselves, the overall costs should still be lower than many other telematics solutions, especially on-going after the initial expenditure.

“We believe that MySafeDrive will turn the existing telematics market on its head, as it offers fleet managers the best of all worlds. MySafeDrive is a low cost alternative to existing products, that also offers rewards and incentives for drivers, will be welcomed by trade unions and offers greater control, safety and improved maintenance for fleet operators. With MySafeDrive everybody wins,” O’Callaghan said in conclusion.

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