Telematics Now a Standard Feature

All future models of Jaguar Land Rover will come pre-fitted with a SIM card that will allow customers to trim costs, monitor vehicle performance and upkeep, all without investing in a external telematics system. The system, which will link with a mobile phone app, duplicates many of the services offered by other telematics services, including service tracking, monitoring of driver behaviour, and automatic emergency calls following accidents.

Diagnostics data will alert companies when vehicles need servicing and log which service center the driver uses. The system will digest traffic data to allow fleets to optimise routes and cut time and fuel consumption, while drivers will also be able to digitally log these journeys. The system will monitor driver performance, alerting managers to possible dangerous or illegal driving that could cause accidents. And in the event of an accident, the system is tethered into Jaguar’s emergency call technology.

“We will know if the airbag has been deployed and the level of damage so we can automate first notification of loss to speed up the process and provide data to the fleet manager,” Mike Bell, Jaguar Land Rover’s global connected car director, said.

The service will also allow tracking of stolen vehicles, improving chances of recovery and limiting losses, and notify managers when vehicles are past their prime and may need to be disposed of and replaced.

Tracking System

The system will be fitted as standard beginning with the Range Rover Evoque this year and Jaguar models the next, but there will be a charge for activating it. Regardless, Bell predicted a large portion of fleet costumers would adapt the technology, citing its low relative expenses compared to other, non-manufacturer installed and administered telematics system. The activation costs will offset some of Jaguar Land Rovers’ costs in receiving and processing the data and maintaining the service but, Bell admitted, “we wouldn’t soak it all up.” However, he believes Jaguar’s SIM-card telematics system could will help sell more vehicles.

Jaguar Land Rover currently only holds a small share of the fleet market but are hoping to expand it with high-tech, high-spec, and innovative vehicles and services. The company notched two wins at the annual Fleet World Honours last May, positioning it as a leader in luxury fleet cars. The All-New Range Rover was awarded the year’s ‘Best Luxury Car’ and the Range Rover Evoque, the first slated to be fitted with SIM cards, won the ‘Best Premium SUV.’

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