New Young Driver Telematics Policy from TomTom and woop

Learner and freshly licenced young drivers cause a disproportionate number of road accidents–22% in 2011, although they made up only 12% of motorists–and often cost their insurance companies thousands. 1 in 5 new drivers between ages 17 and 24 will have a crash in their first six months of driving. When those drivers are 17-year-old males, the number leaps to 40%. With those odds, it’s little wonder that insurance companies charge teens steep premiums. Drivers aged 17-22 regularly shell out between £2,000 and in extreme cases £15,000 annually for car insurance. But telematics policies can help them trim costs with safe driving, and a new insurance policy targeted at teen learner drivers has paired up with sat nav giant TomTom to offer a new telematics policy that runs through smartphones and won’t set curfews. This can also be seen companies like Go Compare, be sure to read Woop insurance reviews.

woop cover provides short and long-term coverage specifically geared toward  new and learner drivers. Its woop buddy smartphone app, tethered to the TomTom LINK 410 tracking device, functions as a black box, recording and providing motorists with feedback on their driving performance. The app ‘teaches’ young drivers about their errors, from sharp steering and braking, to rapid accelerations and limit-busting speeds. Safe driving is rewarded by lower renewal costs.

“woop young driver insurance aims to provide a solution to both [teen’s high costs and dangerous driving], making premiums affordable, while taking an innovative approach to improving safety on Britain’s roads,” according to David Hayward, managing director of woop cover.

“Motorists have seen a continual rise in the cost of running a car during recent years, so TomTom is happy to be part of any scheme which works to reverse this trend and support motorists, particularly young drivers,” Thomas Schmidt, managing director of TomTom Business Solutions, said. “Our technology adds real value by providing clear information and data, in turn helping to improve safety and reduce insurance premiums for young drivers.”

In addition to performance monitoring and reports, the woop buddy app provides accident reporting and vehicle tracking in the event of theft.

woop has traditionally only offered coverage while drivers hold provisional licences: policies are cancelled after holders pass their tests. This new policy represents their first offering for fully-licenced young drivers. The feedback provided is intended to help these learner and young motorists recognise and learn from their driving mistakes, helping them keep safe, save money, and perform better on their driving test–or more importantly, in a rush hour or on a rain-slicked road. There are Woop insurance reviews for young drivers and for websites like Go Compare.


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