Octo Telematics to headline Insurance Telematics USA conference

It seems like the next couple of months are perfect for those looking to get into telematics by finding out more about the technology and its applications, as there’s a bunch of different conferences and events for them to go along to and get a feel for how it all works. Along with the already discussed AEMP 2014, Insurance Telematics 2014 is coming up on 3rd and 4th of September and today we’ve learned that Octo Telematics is going to be heading a discussion on Usage Based Insurance (UBI) schemes, powered by telematics.

While AEMP might be one of the largest talks for telematics this year, Insurance Telematics 2014 is the year’s biggest North American Insurance telematics conference, so if you’re in the insurance industry and are considering telematics, it’s certainly an event you don’t want to miss. Present will be several executives from Octo Telematics and other companies, all talking about UBI systems.

The three speakers that Octo will be putting front and centre include: CMO at Octo Telematics, Jonathan Hewett, who’ll be speaking on the third about how to connect insurers with their consumers ; Nino Tarantino, current CEO of Octo Telematics in North America, will be taking centre stage to discuss the value added services business model that Octo has helped pioneer, and finally on Thursday the 4th September, John Kramer, director of business development at Octo North America, who will be talking about insights he and the rest of the company has with regards to how best to engage the customer in UBI schemes and how that can benefit the consumer, just as much as the insurance firm offering the package deal.


Expect speakers from all sponsoring organisations

The main market areas Octo Telematics plans to analyse during the talks are as follows:

  • Data and Pricing
  • Disruptive New Entrants to Market
  • Next Generation Cognitive Telematics Models
  • Diversification of Business Models
  • Marketing and the Consumer

Insurance telematics has grown significantly. It is no longer is a minor, niche market sector. According to Telematics Update, in fact, experts estimate that in the United States the insurance telematics market will reach 60 million users by 2019,” said an Octo spokesperson on the official blog

However, as well as UBI schemes are progressing in the US and around the world, Octo Telematics believes more needs to be done to help push them forward, which is why it’s not only bringing so many major speakers to the Insurance Telematics conference, but why it’s a Platinum sponsor of the event as well.

Octo isn’t the only company speaking of course. In total there’s over 60 experts set to speak, so whatever state of telematics deployment you’re at, chances are someone will be discussing the specific aspects of business that you’re most concerned about. There will also be Q&A sessions, so you’ll be able to get any specific questions that you have answered.

In total some 800 people are expected to attend the event, which takes place in Chicago at the Radisson Acqua Blue Hotel. If you’d like more information on who’s attending or how you can go about taking part in the event yourself, head here.


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