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Telematics.com Review : Policy Wise Telematics Insurance

Policy Wise strives to be an innovative insurance company, and looks to have been launched with the specific purpose of providing cutting edge insurance solutions for both private and business customers. However, let’s not take their opinion for it – Policy Wise car insurance reviews are important, so read on!

Indeed, their mission statement reads “To be a recognised and respected insurance intermediary providing specialist insurance products and services to customers; embracing technology and innovation to provide the very best opportunities for customers ensuring they are treated fairly and professionally”.

Black Box Insurance

In addition to the conventional insurance policies which PolicyWise provide (it should be noted that they also offer services including Home, Business and Fleet insurance), they do of course have a telematics policy available.

The technology in use in this case is provided by Ingenium Dynamics, and once fitted to your vehicle will keep track of all the relevant parameters including speed, acceleration/deceleration, your location and the time of day you are driving. As with all telematics policies, these details are combined and analysed to ascertain the risk factor posed by your driving style.


For those new to this telematics revolution it may seem daunting that your every move is being recorded and stored somewhere for others to judge upon. But the benefits of this to young and newly qualified drivers can be huge, and your data is kept completely private by PolicyWise. You are even free to access your data any time you choose via their secure online portal. You’ll probably need to have your Policy Wise number handy.

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Key Points Of This Policy

The hardware is installed free of charge.

The policy comes with an unlimited mileage allowance.

24/7 access to your data via a secure online portal.

You will receive notifications of any non-optimal driving via text/email.

Charges and Fees


New policy inception.


Mid Term Amendments.


Duplicate Documents.


Failure to attend fitting appointment without 24 hours’ notice.


Removal of telematics box.



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