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Provisional Marmalade was set up to offer learner drivers a dedicated insurance option that wouldn’t provide the ridiculous premiums that other insurers often demanded from those with only a provisional drivers licence. They’ve now expanded into offering insurance for young and new drivers too, and that’s where the telematics policies come in.

The name might seem a little odd for a car insurance company, sounding like a mix of something you might find in your grandma’s pantry and a paramilitary group, but the insurer is well established and has a great reputation in the industry. They even won the 2011 British Insurance Award.

Sadly if you are still a provisional driver you won’t be able to use the telematics box to save money just yet, but as soon as you pass your test you can switch to the new driver insurance policy which includes the telematics, enabling you to save money.

Telematics insurance

Like most telematics insurance policies, the insurer requires you to have a small device fitted to your car which tracks the cars movements via the GPS satellite network as well as the sensors built into your car. This data is then transmitted to Marmalade who use it to assess how good you are at driving.

As Marmalade opt to monitor your driving skills – measuring by how you perform at accelerating, braking, corning and your speed – they can offer you a better deal than traditional insurers who take the risk that those they insure might not be good drivers. If Marmalade thinks your driving could be improved they’ll send you feedback telling you exactly where you are going wrong, allowing you to correct this and keep your cheap insurance. They have an extensive e-learning section of their website which can help you improve your driving in response to the feedback you receive. This means Marmalade isn’t just a great way of getting cheap insurance, but a great resource for becoming a better driver too.

Some Black Box insurers have a bad name for imposing curfews on young drivers, or charging them more for driving at night. Marmalade didn’t want to do this, and because they monitor how you drive they don’t need to. They know that responsible young drivers would never consider drink driving, and they know that the telematics box can pick up their bad driving if they do – allowing them to offer insurance that doesn’t impose curfews.

Personal Dashboard and Driving Review

Provisional Marmalade use a third party telematics dashboard called Ingenium Dynamics. This ensures that they are up to date with the latest developments in telematics tracking in a way that they might not be able to do if they made their own proprietary software.

Provisional Marmalade operating a traffic light system for every journey you make. If your driving is good they will mark the journey as a ‘green car’. Get enough green cars and you’ll eventually receive lower premiums as a reward for your good driving.

Journeys that have some issues but don’t have major problems will be given an ‘amber car’ symbol. This means that you should review what when wrong to make sure that you improve that aspect of your driving in the future. The online resources provided by Marmalade are quite comprehensive, and while no substitute for a professional driver, can really help you improve your driving technique. You should review the relevant sections whenever you receive an ‘orange car’.

Journeys with significant driving issues are given a ‘red car’ mark. If you get one of these you really need to think about improving the aspect of your driving that had problems before you go on the road again. Two red journeys will mean you are placed into the ‘Red Zone’ for 30 days. If you have another red journey while in the Red Zone you’ll have a £250 penalty, so it’s vitally important you improve your driving. After you’ve exited the red zone any additional journey marked as red will place you back into it. If you’ve had to pay the additional premium future red zone periods last for 60 days, and any red journeys in them will cause you to be charged £500 additional premium. If you make another red journey within this period, your policy will be cancelled.

This might sound both complex and a little harsh, but most drivers who are careful won’t make red journeys. As long as you ensure you’re a good driver and make an effort to improve your driving based on feedback then you won’t have to worry about this caution and penalty process.

Key Points Of This Policy

Personalised driving feedback emailed to you

Discounts for good drivers

No curfew

No mileage based charges

Charges and Fees


Excess for fire/theft/malicious damage/explosion

£120 to £350

Standard Excess (depending on age and experience)


Processing refund for early policy exit


Bad driving first penalty charge


Bad driving second penalty charge



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