Rezendes’ speech detailed for AEMP 2014

If you’ve been quietly waiting in the wings, watching telematics technology from afar with a bit of scepticism and a real dose of naivety, then heading to the Association of Equipment Management Professionals 2014 might be your best bet for getting a head start on the competition. Telematics isn’t complicated, but it can take a little while to get your head around, especially when it comes to implementing it properly and getting as much use from it as you can.  This year, at the Association of Equipment Management Professionals 2014 Asset Management Symposium, there’s going to be several talks on telematics and the Internet of Things, with keynote speakers like Christopher Rezendes, taking on topics like the worldwide deployment of machine to machine (and vehicle to vehicle) communication devices and ways in which you can transition from an analogue business into a digital one. No small subjects, but they’re tackled in full at this year’s symposium. With a history of helping companies evolve into the 21st century and experience helping hundreds of companies develop and market new products that will appeal to a whole new generation of buyers, Rezendes can be a prime source for information, especially when it comes to telematics implementation. rezendes Other topics being discussed a the symposium includes [Thanks Equipment World]:

  • How to achieve value through technology practices
  • What’s needed to bring your company to the next level
  • What the AEM/AEMP Telematics Standard can do for you
  • How to build a business case for telematics
  • How telematics drives some of the most successful businesses in the world
  • How heavy equipment distributors use telematics to add value for end users

Of course not all of these topics will apply to you and your business, but some will and some you may not expect to be of interest, could end up being the most influential. Helping Mr Razendes discuss these topics will be several other key note speakers, including: Kennen Simonson, currenmt chief economost and the Associate General Contractors of America and Carl Cannon, who plans to discuss employees, workforce hiring practices and what’s needed to manage the next-generation. He also has a specific message he’s delivered to disenfranchised youth in the past, which has left them motivated and loyal. He plans to share that with all visitors to the symposium. If you wish to visit the conference yourself, AEMP 2014 takes place on 3rd until the 5th of November in Nashville, Tennessee and will cover the above and much more. Basic telematics principles like vehicle tracking, asset mnagement, fuel savings and vehicle wear reductions will be broken down and discussed in terms of management ease, driver safety and of course economical savings. If you’d like to register for the AEMP, you can do so here, as well as download a brochure with more information.

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