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At a Glance

  • Offers a no obligation free trail
  • Specialising in bespoke solutions
  • Wide range of PDA apps
  • Dynamic, semi-dynamic + route optimising options
  • Free training included
T: 0845 643 5731

The Company

"the software costs less than the fuel savings, meaning the telematics pays for itself"

Route Monkey promises to cut your fleet fuel bills by up to 20% by using telematics to improve your scheduling and routing. Their telematics software is unique and arguably one of the most advanced systems available, working particularly well for logistics and courier companies of any size. As well as out of the box solutions, they offer customised software solutions tailored to your individual business model. This also comes with support and Route Monkey downloads.

Bespoke Solutions

Not every business has the same model, and even within the same industry particularities about the way you operate can mean than out of a the box solutions aren’t suitable to your requirements. One of Route Monkey’s main selling points is their commitment to offering reasonably priced modifications to their software, as well as more bespoke development solutions.

The modifications can be anything from drastic changes to their algorithms to suit how your fleet operate to more simple user interface changes such as creating web or PDA interfaces.

The Technology

The reason Route Monkey is so successful at cutting expenses for businesses that use their technology is that they’ve created an advanced resource modelling solution. This ensures that your schedules are as efficient as possible based on data about your fleet and your upcoming deliveries or other vehicle movements required.

The modelling can also give you a commercial advantage when bidding for new contracts. You can use the modelling solution to see quite accurately how taking on new contracts will affect your costs, allowing you to know if it’s wise to undercut a competitors bid or not. This modelling is also great for other commercial uses such as seeing how a change in fleet size or vehicles will affect costs.

They offer three operational modes for the Route Monkey software products and can help you match the best solution to your business needs.

Their fully dynamic option will automatically match your business resources to jobs, either in advance or during operations. The fully dynamic option works to reduce total mileage but also takes into account other factors such as time windows, costs and skill sets.

The semi-dynamic option meanwhile starts with the same features as the fully-dynamic operational mode but then presents the fleet controller with the option of modifying routes. This option is often best for smaller firms where a more individualised approach is preferred so that a customer can be delivered to by their favourite driver, or deliveries can be scheduled so a driver can make a mid-afternoon dentist appointment.

For those who are wanting to just tread the waters with fleet management the more simple route optimisation option might be the best option to go with. This works to produce a route run sheet and can even send details to PDAs, but does not dynamically alter routes during the day.

Mobile Apps

Route Monkey have developed a series of mobile apps for use on smartphones and PDAs that have multiple functions from time sheets to barcode scanning, risk assessment to fuel entry. The apps work with Windows Mobile, but they can potentially make bespoke solutions for other mobile options.

Personalised service

As everyone knows, having the best software available means nothing if your employees haven’t been trained in its use and it hasn’t been correctly set up for your specific needs.

Route Monkey offers free training with their contracts and can also offer additional training, at additional cost, for new employees or sites. This training can be on site or via webcam. They also have extensive and easy to understand documentation.

Perhaps most useful is their consultancy service where Route Monkey look at how your business runs and help you make fleet and telematics choices to best use your resources to make most savings and maximise profitability. With extensive experience in the fleet business they can help you make strategic business decisions using data to make accurate predictions.


Route Monkey is one of the best options currently available for fleet telematics. The Route Monkey software is sophisticated but easy to use, and the company puts real effort into making sure their product works for each business that uses them. Their solutions are good value for money and will help you make real fuel savings.

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