Safety & Tracking


Safety & Tracking

Telematics technology is set to change the way we drive and to improve road safety internationally. By having a better understanding of how people drive, telematics enables people to educate drivers in correct driving procedure and to reward them for safe driving. Some of the ways that telematics is improving our roads safety are listed below:-

Telematics Insurance – Young drivers are notoriously in the highest accident category on our roads today. Telematics insurance technology allows insurers to fit their cars with a black box. This box then tracks their driving performance and monitors things like speed, braking, cornering and more variables. They are then rewarded for driving safely with lower insurance premiums and conversely, more reckless drivers will pay a higher premium. There has been a marked increase in road safety for people adopting telematics insurance. Rospa a charity dedicated to preventing accidents go into more detail here.

Fleet Tracking – By tracking how fleets drive in detail, greater efforts can be made to increase driver safety. Fleet tracking allows fleet companies to track their vehicles individually and as such to make suggestions and amendments to driving habits that could increase the risk of accidents. They can also be informed about potential road hazards, dangerous driving conditions and in-vehicle issues.

Emergency Breakdown And Roadside Assistance – Having detailed information about your vehicle in real time enables faster responses to breakdowns and more specific help to get vehicles back up and running and drivers safely out of potentially dangerous situations. Companies such as GM Motors with “Onstar” and Toyota with “Safety Connect” are fighting for market leadership in this area. Services that are offered include;

[list_item icon=”chevron-right”] (SOS) a manual contact system to contact a 24 hour breakdown recovery service [/list_item]
[list_item icon=”chevron-right”] (SVL) Stolen Vehicle location services [/list_item]
[list_item icon=”chevron-right”] (ACN) Automatic Collision notification which notifies the breakdown recovery services automatically should there be a form of collision so they can act instantly on it [/list_item]
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This advance in data transmission will most likely be added to most new cars as time progresses. This will shorten response times of emergency services and take people out of dangerous situations more quickly.