Telematics fleet safety forum to take place in June

A freely available, open discussion on the role of fleet telematics in improving fleet safety is set to take place on Thursday the 26th June between 9:30AM and 1PM at 107 Leadenhall St. London. Organised by Cardinus Risk Management, the forum is expected to showcase some of the best aspects of telematics technology, especially those related to improving the safety and health of drivers that use the technology for their daily journeys – especially long distance drivers.

One of the big aspects of the talks given, will focus on how far telematics have come, looking back on earlier problems with the technology and how those have been addressed over the past few years, to create a climate that not only has begun to adopt telematics on a large scale, but is continuing to develop new and more cost effective ways of making it viable, whether it’s the introduction of smartphone apps, or striking deals with vehicle manufacturers to build them in before sale.

Jon Abbott, director at Cardinus Risk Management, said: ‘There are real cost savings to be achieved through effective use of relevant telemetry data in terms of fuel usage, collision reduction and maintenance costs, not to mention the opportunity to reduce insurance premiums.


Police as well as commercial fleets have taken advantage of telematics technology

‘Telemetry is the way forward in supporting fleet risk management, as this forum will reveal. Presenting all this expertise and information in a half-day forum means an extremely productive morning, with refreshments available throughout. The whole forum will provide valuable practical advice on how to make vehicle telematics work for your fleet and secure road safety and financial benefits. We have some outstanding expert speakers,” he continued.

Some of those speakers include directors of JGCH Consulting, Jeremy Guscott and Colin Hartley. Together they help advise commercial fleet operators around the UK. They’ll be discussing the history of telematics devices and some of the key innovators of the technology. As you might expect however, they’ll also cover where the industry is today and where it’s headed, giving attendees a real insight into the industry in the near and far future and how best they can take advantage of it.

Other speakers will discuss how telematics hardware has benefited them and their companies, bringing in experts and customers alike to talk about ways they saved money and made their fleets more efficient, but also made the working lives of their drivers safer, which is perhaps the most important benefit to come from the tracking technology.

For more information on the forum, check out FleetWorld’s run down. If you’d like to register your interest for the event, ring 020 7469 0200.

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