Telematicus given Frost and Sullivan customer value award

Market research firm Frost and Sullivan, has announced that it has awarded its customer value award to driving software solutions provider Telematicus. The reasoning behind it was that Telematicus’ specialised application framework, allows for the connection of multiple devices at once, giving more plentiful and accurate data, without the need for multiple backend APIs. 

The awarded Telematicus framework is built upon the CABIS platform, which is designed to handle multiple data feeds at once, as well as working with various mobile platforms. This has been expanded by Telematicus to allow for real-time data tracking as well as outputting location based information to fleet managers and insurers.

With its most recent push for Global Green Drivers & Smart Green Drivers applications, Telematicus is hoping to eliminate the need for specific software solutions to telematics and instead provide a backbone that can handle all types in one breath. This new system breaks down all of the telematics data gathered from whatever connected devices are present and outputs it in several key categories for simple explanation: efficiency, safety and environmental impact.

“In addition, the capability and functionality of its applications can be extended to ensure that the solution delivered is sustainable,” said Frost & Sullivan Research Manager Sathyanarayana Kabirdas (via JakartaPost). “Evolving functionality, open architecture and device-agnostic strategy has helped it acquire strategic customers in insurance, risk management and driver behaviour.”


Bruce McKee, Financial Services Industry Lead at Microsoft also spoke well of the news, saying: “We are seeing the early stages of the expected growth of Telematics data. As telematics becomes mainstream successful companies in the market will be those who can capture, store and analyse granular telematics data. This opens up FNOL, crash reconstruction even new payment business models linked to the car. Successful delivery of this vision requires cloud technology to scale, grow and be delivered at a price point that makes this economic. As a result we are delighted to support Telematicus’s CABIS platform on Microsoft Azure making a compelling offering for our clients.”

It’s for this reason that Frost and Sullivan handed over its prestigious customer value award, as Telematicus’ system clearly has a focus on delivering a strong customer experience while limiting the amount of expenditure required in order to generate the most comprehensive data.

The Customer Value Award is part of Frost and Sullivan’s Best Practices Wards. They are there to give special consideration to certain businesses in a multitude of industries, that provide exemplary services or products to consumers and the world as a whole. Some of the other winners this year include Xora, which achieved the award for Customer Value Leadership and WAN, which received the award for Optimisation Controller Vendor of the year.

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