Telit ATOP 3.5g ushers in new in-car future

Telit Wireless Solutions, one of the world’s most prominent machine to machine module retailers, has announced a new product to come out of its recent buyout of the Automotive Telematics On-Board Unit Platform, the Telit ATOP 3.5. It’s the first product to appear from the newly formed Telit Automotive Solutions division and while aimed at OEM, could be the first step in ushering in a new age of in-car activities.

Combining 3G connectivity, with GPS and near field communication, the Telit ATOP chip could offer the ability to take or make mobile payments while driving, allowing those not behind the wheel to purchase apps, games, music, movies or anything while on the go and then download it or stream it straight to the in-built computer.

“The ATOP 3.5G simplifies the development of automotive applications such as road pricing and eCallthanks to its unique integration of all required technologies, including: 3G cellular connectivity for voice and data communication; GPS/GLONASS for location, and near-field communications for driver authentication or to facilitate mobile payments directly from the car,” a company spokesperson said (via EconomicsTimes).

The new chip is also said to bring unrivalled levels of power inside the vehicle, combining an application processor that handles the Java J9 Virtual machine, a dedicated interface processor for handling user input and devices like USB, ethernet and ADC and an extra SmartMX CPU which offers hardware based security and fraud prevention. That last one might sound like the least interesting, but it’s one that insurers will want in their telematics hardware going forward, as spoofing that data will become a new battleground in years to come. Imagine drivers who have figured out to be fake their driving habits, they’re untrackable and still getting the benefits of being a perceived good driver.


Making sure that doesn’t become endemic is important. However with the other hardware the ATOP system brings, it should make it easier for third parties to implement new features and functions in telematics hardware and in in-car entertainment devices. As car’s become more automated also, entertainment, media and shopping within the vehicle is likely to become common place. Imagine a future where instead of driving everywhere yourself, you can sit back and relax and let the computer do everything for you – you’re going to need something to do, and that’s where future hardware like this comes in.

Of course you and me will have to wait until the third parties make use of this OEM aimed technology, but it won’t be long.

“The ATOP 3.5G supports an industry leading range of features from a single package”, said Dominik Hierl, CEO of Telit Automotive Solutions. “It is a perfect complement to the rest of our ONE STOP. ONE SHOP. products and services offering, designed to make the integration of connected functionality easier than ever for Automotive OEMs to adopt and commercialize.”

About Telit

Telit Communications PLC is one of the world’s foremost providers of wireless machine to machine technology, with a revenue in excess of $200 million a year and over 600 employees; it’s one of the larger companies focusing on development the hardware behind telematics. Unlike some companies which come from more car focused backgrounds, Telit has been producing machines that talk to one another for over two decades. Companies like this will be key in developing the next generation of interconnected vehicles and their accompanying telematics systems.


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