The Connected Car, What Is It And The Future Of It

The Connected CarWhat if cars can actually communicate with one another and sense each other’s presence? How would it be when they navigate based on opposite vehicles rather than relying on human reflexes?

Sounds more like a sci-fi movie, right? If you think so, then you are decades behind because the future is already in and it strongly carries the statement that ‘Connected Cars’ are the future. When a vehicle is integrated with GPS communication system, internet, proximity sensors to sense collision, wireless car-to-car communication tech and so on, it denotes that you are talking about a connected car.

High tech controls and features are nothing new for the premium vehicles from companies like BMW, Nissan, Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet and many others. Cruise control is available since the last five years are so and a more advanced version which warns drivers when they switch to the wrong lane is familiar as well. But, the new tech talks about something much more advanced, sophisticated and designed to bring amazing benefits to common people.

What is it?

Connected Car is a fully equipped vehicle with wireless local area network, one tap access to the internet and a variety of exclusive technologies integrated into it. For the naïve, assume a smartphone and how it will work if it becomes mobile. Similarly, a connected automobile is capable of warning drivers when speed limit is high, notify average speed, fuel and oil levels, measure distance to display them in a handheld device, avoid collision, parking assistance, automated report sending and much more.

Specific models including Toyota Entune, BMW Connected, Audi MMI, Lexus Enform are some of them among other connected cars available. They are officially certified and are designed in association with Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System, an European Union. While iPhone integration and stuff were recently unveiled allowing you to play music on your dashboard directly, IBM is working with Sprint to create an ‘infotainment’all-purpose vehicle.forbes/sites/forrester/2013/07/22/the-connected-car-welcome-to-the-next-computing-environment/

Connected Cars bring three major players into the picture: The car manufacturers, mobile operators and application developers.

The convened team is working together to create a more user-friendly, safer and reliable future for these premium vehicles.

Automated Parking

A very important feature which is already widely prevalent. All you have to do is use an app on your mobile phone and click a button. The vehicle will identify the empty space and do a perfect parallel parking without a fuss. It’s a boon for those who struggle to make this happen especially when they are bustling their way to be in office. Sensors play a vital role in this process.


Apps are already in place and drivers will be notified of weather, traffic conditions, speed as well as the nearest pit stop to refresh. This offers a refreshing and rejuvenating experience for people on the move. GPS navigation has also considerably grown in the past years and will soon be able to send updates to your dear ones automatically, promises the manufacturer.

Integrated Entertainment

Apple in association with major car manufacturers provided support for all their devices like iPhone, iPad to share entertainment. Even though, it’s all about movies and music, it is another step towards bridging the gap between technology rich devices and a car. The vehicle is moving towards a connected future.

The Future of Connected Cars

The future is near and the first thing that developers are aiming at is to allow cars to communicate. It’s especially vital in intersections, blind spots, low visibility areas and when another vehicle is coming at excessive speed. A study conducted in 2012 (nbcnews/technology/robot-cars-could-increase-highway-efficiency-273-percent-study-978760) reveals robot cars could increase traffic efficiency and avoid congestion. We are already close and it’s only a nod before it is officially unveiled.

Autonomous Cars

Google is experiment with autonomous cars that can drive on their own. Even though, it is not going to come in any time soon, the future is too far as some predicted. As of now, companies are focused on performance tweaking apps, parking notifications and car-to-car messaging service which is the stepping stone towards robot-driven cars.

Privacy concerns pouring in and high tech cars easily being stolen with a digital keycard are things that will be answered only with time. Like every other technology, Connected Cars are fast developing and are almost in. The expo is proof positive to suggest that we are living in a futuristic era, without a doubt!

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