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At a Glance

  • In the business for over 20 years
  • Over 1 million UK system installations
  • Over 250,000 stolen vehicles recovered worldwide
  • Multi-purpose fleet telematics technology
  • Cutting-edge VHF technology
T: 0845 602 2356

The Company

"All Tracker systems are Thatcham approved and thus can lower most insurance premiums" is an arm of the well known Direct Line Group based in the UK, and in this guise has been involved with vehicle tracking for almost 20 years. In more recent times the company has expanded it’s offerings by branching into the telematics industry, specifically fleet tracking systems. is a website you want to check out when you look to buy a car vehicle tracker, car GPS tracker or other GPS tracking systems.


Tracker can boast that it was the very first vehicle tracking solutions provider to be ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) accredited. You can also rest assured that each system provided by Tracker is Thatcham approved and thus can lower most insurance premiums available in the UK.

The Technology

Tracker’s technology is at the forefront of innovation and the company is constantly striving to be ahead of the pack. This goes some way to explaining why over 1 million systems have been fitted to date in the UK alone. Worldwide over 250,000 stolen vehicles have been recovered thanks to this tracking technology.

Tracker systems are protected against signal jamming with their implementation of VHF signal technology. These high frequency signals also have the advantage of being detectable even when the vehicle has been heavily concealed, for example inside a shipping container.

Their close partnership with the UK police force has resulted in Tracker detection units being installed in all police patrol cars as well as their helicopters and at major British ports.

Fleet Tracking

"Tracker’s fleet systems can also include fuel card integration"

Fleet services are a large part of Tracker’s portfolio, and their services provide several benefits to hauliers and large volume vehicle operators.

Most people would imagine fleet tracking systems to essentially protect against theft, but as well as this most obvious use, the systems provided by Tracker can also include fuel card integration (negating the need for manual mileage records etc), traffic issue routing, driving style analysis, Geofence alerts and more.

Tracker offers several fleet tracking products depending on your needs, and at the time of writing prices start from £244+vat for installation, plus monthly subscriptions from as low as £9.95 depending on contract length. You can check out car tracking device reviews before visiting (where you can download vehicle tracker) and get knowledgeable on anything from vehicle tracker security and more .

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