Tusker takes home green fleet award

Fleet management firm Tusker, has won the gold prize at the Green Apple Environmental Awards, with its commitment to keeping its carbon emissions low, despite operating a large number of vehicles. On top of keeping its fleet green however, it’s also offset its emissions through other practices and provided advice to its clients on the use of ultra low emission vehicles.

Presented to Tusker’s CEO David Hosking by Roger Wolens, managing director of The Green Organisation, this award is a great achievement for Tusker and recognition of all its efforts to maintain an environmentally friendly business, something that is becoming increasingly important for smaller enterprises as well as larger corporations. Not only does it tend to net you brownie points with consumers, but it also can help improve your overheads year on year. As global warming becomes more of a focus for governments around the world, it is likely to net even greater dividends in the future through subsidies and avoidance of taxation for those that don’t help cut back on emissions.

“We are delighted to have won a Gold Award at the 2014 Green Apple Awards and see it as a fitting reward for our continued and ongoing environmental commitment,” said Tusker CEO, David Hosking (via FleetNews).

To achieve such an award, Tusker went above and beyond to carbon neutralise its business. Firstly, it pushed to have all of its vehicles (and those of its clients) switched to those with zero, or at least very low emissions. So far it’s replaced a lot of them, but has pledged that within the next three years, all of its vehicles will be carbon neutral.

Painting this on your wall won't help, but it shows comittment

Painting this on your wall won’t help, but it shows comittment

To offset its current carbon footprint, it has invested in a number of accredited schemes that have helped increase the absorbed carbon in the atmosphere. All in all, Tusker expects to have offset around 30,000 tonnes of carbon emissions, but it’s just getting started. By the end of 2015, it plans to have increased its offsetting activities to a whopping 50,000 tonnes. While that could technically make it able to hire on much more gas guzzling vehicles and not feel guilty, it’s going to continue down the low-emission route as well, making it not only a carbon neutral business, but a carbon negative one to boot.

On top of its work with vehicles though, Tusker has also impressed the Green Apple Environmental Awards judges, by moving its HQ to a green office park, which uses renewable energy sources for many of the business village’s requirements and also provides its own carbon offsetting schemes to further reduce the impact businesses there have on the environment.

This isn’t the first time that Tusker has been awarded something for its green efforts however. Earlier this year it was given a commendation in the Green Award category at this year’s BusinessCar Techie Awards, where its earlier efforts for carbon offsetting and low emission vehicles usage were praised. Since then it’s gone from strength to strength and shows no signs of stopping.

What measures does your business take to reduce carbon emissions?

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