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"Networkfleet's solutions provide businesses with accurate, timely data so as to help them make right decisions"

Verizon Networkfleet is a provider of GPS guided fleet management solutions to small as well as medium sized businesses, government agencies and large enterprises to help them better manage their vehicles and other assets that need to be tracked. Networkfleet is a division of Verizon Telematics, the leader in the field of providing next-generation connected services to automobile, insurance, and healthcare sectors. Networkfleet’s solutions provide businesses with accurate, timely data so as to help them make right decisions. In 1999, Networkfleet started providing innovative telematics solutions and have earned as many as 24 industry awards since then. The professed goal of the company is to create a more connected world as part of Verizon’s goals to achieve 30 billion Machine to Machine connections by 2020. For GPS tracking for fleet vehicles there are many automobile tracking devices reviews to help with GPS fleet tracking comparison.

Key Features of Verizon Networkfleet Solutions

Tracking: The tracking feature helps you to know the location of your vehicles at any instant with the help of a fleet tracking system. The system combines wireless technology with GPS to provide you with data on nearly real-time basis. Verizon Networkfleet’s product suite consists of 5000 series software such as 5200 and 5500, satellite, and Asset Guard hardware. The product suite offered by the company works well with all types of vehicles.

Diagnostics: This feature helps you to monitor a number of engine functions including battery voltage, emissions and coolant temperature. This in turn helps you to determine the condition of the vehicle and whether it is to be serviced.

Maps: Fleet maps are helpful in the management of your fleet as nearly real-time data are made available through hybrid, satellite, and street map views.

Alerts: You will be provided with a notification if there is a change in the driver’s behavior or in the condition of a vehicle.

Reporting: This feature helps you to monitor the performance of a specific vehicle or a group of vehicles or the entire fleet. It helps you to assess not only the operating costs, but also the effectiveness of different routes. In addition, you will be able to find out as to which vehicle is being overused/ underused and if there is any fraudulent activity as you will be provided with easy-to-read reports.

No Cost Roadside Assistance: If one of the vehicles in your fleet breaks down, you will be provided with roadside assistance at no extra cost.

Maintenance: You can keep the vehicles in your fleet in top condition with the help of Networkfleet’s preventive maintenance program and Lifecycle Service Management.

Asset Tracking: Asset Guard feature offered by Networkfleet helps you to manage all assets in your fleet in an efficient and effective manner.

How Does Networkfleet's Fleet Management Work?

".. cut down operational costs and improve customer service, performance and safety of the vehicles in your fleet"

The units installed in vehicles by Networkfleet monitor the location of the vehicle, engine condition and other metrics related to fleet performance round the clock. The unit transmits data about the vehicle over a wireless network in a secure manner to the Data Center of the Networkfleet.

Fleet operators can access the secure website of Networkfleet so as to receive vehicle alerts, monitor driver behavior and track vehicle locations. The websites can be accessed using PCs, smart phones or tablets.

You can integrate the fleet tracking data with Esri mapping, Garmin and other GPS tracking systems for effective fleet management. In order to ensure that you derive maximum returns on your investment on the Networkfleet system, you will be provided with access to training videos, live webinars and one of the best customer care team.

The web-based fleet management software provides a dashboard which enables you to have a summary view of the location of the vehicle, engine condition, etc., and at the click of a button you can access detailed information about the vehicle. One of the key aspects of the dashboard is that easy-to-use web-based fleet software helps you to experience a 360 degree view of your company’s fleet. This helps you to cut down operational costs and improve customer service, performance and safety of the vehicles in your fleet.

Benefits of Networkfleet’s Fleet Solutions
The industry-leading fleet tracking solution provided by Networkfleet tracks location of vehicles in the fleet, idle time, fuel usage, engine problems and more and provides accurate data on a timely basis to help small and medium businesses, enterprises and government agencies make smart management decisions.

Higher Revenues: As near real-time data is provided to you by the system, you will be in a position to search for ways and means to not only streamline your fleet, but also service more customers.

Lower Costs: Networkfleet’s solutions help you to cut down your operational costs and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Reduce Fuel and Emissions: The fleet management software’s fuel module shows as to how you can reduce your fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

Improved Dispatching: You can set up the shortest routes, decide as to which vehicle should be sent to which location and find the directions quickly and send the details to the driver in seconds.
Provide Safety and Security: Drivers in your fleet may feel safe and secure as they know that someone is watching on them. The stolen vehicle recovery product offered by Networkfleet is one of the best and highly rated in the market.

In summary

Verizon Networkfleet’s telematics solution serves to transform the way companies of all sizes operate their fleets by providing actionable data that helps to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Additionally, Networkfleet interfaces directly with the computer of the vehicle’s engine in order to monitor critical parameters such as mileage, fuel use, speed and engine diagnostic codes. Further, the online application provides secure online as well as mobile access round the clock for monitoring fleet information.

It comes with robust reporting capabilities and very reliable tracking of fleet assets, both fixed and movable, through a battery-powered asset tracker. Over and above all these, you can enjoy outstanding support provided by GPS fleet management solutions provider. The staff members of the company are not only friendly, but also knowledgeable and are always willing to do whatever that is required to help you get the best out of the Networkfleet solutions. Companies like Fleetistics provide some of the best GPS tracking systems whether a car GPS tracker or other vehicle GPS tracker.

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