Video: Introducing – a new portal to the telematics world founder, Rob Prime, introduces, a new portal into the rapidly developing world of telematics

Rob Prime, founder, here explains some of the thinking behind the opening of UK based He says its main job at the moment is to explain telematics to the ordinary person, particularly young people who may be looking to telematics applications to provide them with better insurance products. Insurance, he believes is at the moment the main driver in the development of telematics.

However, the site will be looking at three main aspects of telematics:

  • The promotion of higher driving and road safety standards through the insurance products
  • Fleet tracking – making fleet operation more economic for the operator
  • Infotainment – the exploitation of interactive technology to improve on-board communication.

All these developments require issues of personal privacy are adequately addressed, he says.

The site will be dedicated to monitoring the unfolding of telematics which at the moment is in its infancy – this is the absolute start of a new concept, which he says will over the next few years become commonplace – he can envisage a time when every vehicle will be fitted with some kind of telematics device, either because that is what the consumer wants, or because the general benefits the technology brings will encourage governments to act to promote telematic devices.

    Jonathan Coe, Editor

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